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Holotropic Breathwork has ratings and 8 reviews. Rose said: I Holotropic Breathwork: A New Approach to Self-Exploration and Therapy. Other editions. effect on various emotional and psychosomatic disorders.” Grof and Grof, () Holotropic Breathwork: A New Approach to Self-Exploration and Therapy, p. sciousness to light in their latest collaboration, Holotropic Breath- work: A New Approach to Self-. Exploration and Therapy. Scholars and seekers alike will enjoy.

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It was the kind of symbolic imagery a good Catholic lad, such as myself, would conjure up! But, his hand pressure was not enough to really connect to the feeling. Our defenses can be stubborn and help is often needed for us to move along to the next stage – the next feeling to be felt.

Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Month January February March April May June July August September October November December Year This is a great presentation on breathwork and how it can cleanse, heal and assist one in a better, freer life! I think of holotropic breathwork as a sledgehammer approach to therapy, but I use this seemingly harsh metaphor rather as a compliment.

The position of primal therapy is rather that access to this material can sometimes point to proof of one’s overload of repressed material which should be respected and treated gingerly.

Thomas English rated it really liked it Mar 06, I have experienced the transformative potential of Holotropic Breathwork many times.

Finally, I became exhausted and had not the energy to return to the wall to breathwprk pushing my feet against to replicate the act of being expulsed from the birth canal. Open Preview See a Problem? Holotropic Breathwork reveals how the Grofs developed their revolutionary healing techniques, often told through fascinating stories of people being transformed by the breathwork process.

My approacj to get out — to get born, then felt breaghwork intense and imperative. Nicky rated it did not like it Nov 03, Following the legal suppression of LSD use in the late s, Grof went on to discover that many of these states of mind self-exploraion be explored without drugs by using certain breathing techniques in a supportive environment. I had tried to continue my birthing process, but tl I could do would end the indescribable emotional and physical suffering of being stuck in the birth canal.


While not opining about its exact origins, it is a well-done first step in acknowledging the existence of such almost palpable energetic rage seen in some clients in a form which could truly be called demonic – almost in a form which some might decide is a spiritual possession.

Molly Mague rated it liked it Sep 22, The chapter dealing with the past, present and future of holotropic breathwork as well as two appendices, Special Situations and Interventions, and discussions of holotropic breathwork with other breathing psychotherapies were particularly interesting to read.

Holotropic Breathwork: A New Approach to Self-Exploration and Therapy

I had had enough physical pressure and I kept slipping, so he relaxed his hold and I crawled over next to the stage wall to get e traction and pushed with my feet against the wall over and holottropic again to replicate the feeling pressing for release.

You know it’s there; your symptoms prove that. The first pages are spent explaining the process.

Considered giving this one star. The material is lofty and uninteresting. They knew that their patients had been exposed to overwhelming trauma and expected the forthcoming huge emotional cathartic releases they witnessed. I would recommend this book for anyone interested in exploring altered and expanded states of consciousness and their potential for helping people to become more whole and complete.

And when the accessed material is of a transpersonal nature determining exactly what the material was about usually brings up more questions than there are answers! Lee rated it liked it Jan 12, Very good companion to “LSD Psychotherapy”.

If you just wait, well, you may be in for a long wait since your big breakthrough can sometimes take a very long time. Be the first to rate this product Rate this product: I would suggest self-exploratlon to anyone interested in the history of transpersonal psychology, consciousness, or breathwork in general. And yet, and yet – it had hurt so good!

Since my therapy of choice is primal, I have only had three holotropic breathwork experiences, two of which were extremely satisfying and, in addition were therapy breakthroughs as well. While this is geared more towards therapists, I found this a good introduction to holotropic breathwork, how it is facilitated, and what to breathwodk from a workshop I intend to take in a few weeks. Being the founding president of the International Holotropi Association founded inhe went on to become distinguished adjunct faculty member of the Department of Philosophy, Welf-exploration, and Consciousness at the California Ohlotropic of Integral Studies, a position he remains in today.


The images of hell were the perfect analogy for where I found myself — in a hopeless no man’s land between the nine months bliss of the womb and the outside world. Their book on this new approach to self-exploration and therapy is a must read. I feel certain that this is how I felt immediately after my actual birth.

Holotropic Breathwork: A New Approach to Self-Exploration and Therapy by Stanislav Grof

He also replaced the work with hypnosis, age regression, and abreaction by the method of free association and his original emphasis on making the unconscious conscious by the analysis of transference.

Sometimes they would rather not cough up their secrets. Peter rated it it was ok Feb 02, Considered giving the book one star, but there are like ten or twenty pages that have understandable and moderately insightful material. The material about holotropic breathwork’s therapeutic potential was more interesting, and my interest keep rising as the Grofs discussed the physiological mechanisms of their therapy.

I started reading Grof’s books inbeginning with “Beyond the Brain. I enjoyed reading the short section on “Working with demonic energy” in one of the book’s appendices.

Trivia About Holotropic Breath Each time I felt the hopelessness, frustration and deep anguish in my plight and despaired in trying to get out of the painful situation I was in, I wanted, instead, to die.

In this long-awaited book, Stanislav Grof and Christina Grof describe their groundbreaking new form of self-exploration and psychotherapy: No feeling should be felt before its time.

How much pressure would feel enough? Josh rated it liked it Apr 05, But, it was not a feeling of elation or tehrapy success. You can get the remaining amount to reach the Free shipping threshold by adding any eligible item to your cart.