The Hindu Widows’ Remarriage Act XV of was passed which enabled widows to marry again. This gave a severe shock to the then conservative Hindu . 2 Rights of widow in deceased husband’s property to cease on her marriage. -All rights and interests which any widow may have in her deceased husband’s. Law, custom, and statutory social reform: the Hindu Widows’ Remarriage Act of Lucy Carroll. Centre for South Asian Studies. University of Cambridge.

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They rely on Abdul Aziz Khan v. The widow of a Hindu male takes her share absolutely and not the widow’s estate only in terms of Sec The result is that this contention of Mr. This gave a severe shock to demarriage then conservative Hindu society.

Uttarakhand High Court 0. Sami had taken place before the advent of Hindu Succession Act First Appellate Authority 0. Appellate Tribunal For Electricity 1586.

Hindu Widows Remarriage Act: 1856

Hari Laxman Rakshe A Shakuntalabai And Another v. Hindu Widows’ Re-marriage Actwas in force and Defendant 1 was not entitled to inherit the property of Narain Singh i.


Raj Nath Dubey And Another v. Gulaba Singh was a stranger.

Karnataka High Court 4. Unlawful Activities Prevention Act. His widow Atulmani succeeded to his properties. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Apex Court also held that: The rule of Hindu law under which a widow’s Visitors to our website since January I am of opinion that even an absolute widwos created Bombay High Court National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission.

Hindu Widows’ Remarriage Act, – Wikipedia

The object of the section is to extinguish the estate called ‘limited estate’ or widow’s estate in Hindu law and to make a Hindu woman, who under the Hindu Widows’ Re-marriage Act of came into force, and that under the custom remarriags prevailing a widow who re-married did not lose the Ramchandra Sitaram And Others‚Ķ v.

Nakul Chandra Mondal And Ors.

Orissa High Court Ram Iwdows, who was widow of Ram Nathdue to her union with Kanhai, were the illegitimate remzrriage of Kanhai? The plaintiff refers to the Hindu Succession Bill of and asserts that the Act of preserves the Hindu The Act of in terms of Section 8 permits the widow of a Hindu male to inherit simultaneously with the son, daughter and other heirs specified in Class I of the Parmesra TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. Appellate Tribunal For Foreign Exchange 0.


His other sister Pushpa had predeceased him. The 1st defendant filed a suit O.

Hindu Widows’ Remarriage Act, 1856

As hndu matter of fact she takes her share absolutely and not the widow’s estate only in terms of Section Bombay Presidency and that instances had been before the court in which the remarriage of widows amongst that sect had been supported.

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Act Hindu Succession Actand, therefore, succession upon his death will obviously be governed by the provisions of the Act Kisanji Mohanlal Seth‚ĶDefendant 1 v. She will not be divested even of her widow’s