Himpunan Risalah Hassan Al Banna. 58 likes. Book. Himpunan risalah Imam Hasan Al-Banna. Front Cover. Ḥasan Bannā. Pustaka Salam Sdn Bhd, – Islam – pages. Himpunan Risalah yang disampaikan secara lisan oleh Pengasan Ikhwan Al- Muslimin As-Syahid Hassan Al-Banna. Majmu’atu Risail.

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Most of the influential figures of the movement, such as Rahmat Abdullah, Hilmi Aminuddin, and Abu Ridha indeed have a traditionalist background – but they stem from the traditionalist wing of the modernist political party, Masyumi.

If before the s Indonesian Muslims, students in particular, only read the literature of the Muslim Brothers, after the arrival home of the Middle East graduates they were able to interact directly with its activists. On the whole, however, relations between Egyptian and Indonesian Muslims were more noticeable after Indonesian political independence in Mizan, From the 17 bbanna through the 19 hasa centuries, many prominent religious leaders and scholars in Indonesia studied under the supervision of the great ulama in Mecca.

Thus, when the Egyptian government suppressed many veterans of the Muslim Brothers, the Saudi government provided them with refuge. Since Masyumi, and particularly DDII is considered as a modernist group, it is understandable that the emergence of Jemaah Tarbiyah and Justice Party has been seen as part of modernist history.

Despite the fact that the numbers of Indonesian students in Egypt have continuously increased, contemporary Islam in Indonesia is characterised predominantly by the emergence of movements built on strong relations with Saudi patrons.

Contemporary Islamic movements in this period have been generally identified by their connections with movements in the Middle East. So how precisely did the initial contact between the Egyptian Muslim Brothers and Indonesian Muslims take place? Given the fact that the encounter between both parties takes place chiefly through academic and intellectual relations, the nature of the Jemaah Tarbiyah in Indonesia is also characterised by intellectual and academic inclinations.

Books by Hassan al-Banna (Author of مجموعة رسائل الإمام الشهيد حسن البنا)

Uniquely, the Jemaah Tarbiyah members appointed their cadre from a NU background, Nurmahmudi Ismail, as first party president. It is highly unlikely such students were riaalah product of any short-term Islamisation process; they must have gone through long training in Islamic institutions in Indonesia. To conclude, even though Jemaah Tarbiyah has been greatly influenced by the Muslim Brothers in Egypt, it has developed into an autonomous movement different from the central movement.


In only about 80 students studied in Cairo. Rasyidi in discussion with Hasan al-Banna in Cairo in He was so impressed with what he perceived as the wide acceptance by students towards the establishment of the National Mandate Party, Partai Amanat National PAN initiated by the modernists and then followed by other Muslim-represented parties.

Natsir in building contact with Middle Eastern leaders and organizations also succeeded in bringing more Indonesians to study in the Middle East.

How has the shift of influence from Egypt to Saudi occurred? The important role of actors in transmitting religious ideas is characterised by their movement from their original place to a foreign one, from Indonesia to Saudi Arabia, and their return to Indonesia to disseminate the new ideas they have gained from abroad. Routledge, In contrast, Cairo in those early centuries was not a place of interest for Indonesians.

In fact, there has been close contact and a mutual relationship between Indonesia and the countries of the Middle East for centuries.

He followed Islamic education from the elementary level into university. Agus Salim, the chairman of Indonesian delegation and H. As the first generation of Indonesian students abroad, it was they who would select, interpret and disseminate the ideas. Some Indonesian students attended religious public gatherings led by Muslim Brothers activists but these were not specifically designated as Brothers activities.

They were able to communicate more easily with M. Moreover, the strategic position of the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia, in providing services for the study of Islam and the yearly international religious pilgrimage of the Hajj strengthens its hasab as the safeguard and true example of Islamic practice and inspiration. haszn

Books by Hassan al-Banna

Regarding the increase in Indonesian students in Egypt after the s, Abaza saw this as an indirect result of an intensive process of Islamisation that prevailed in Indonesian society at the time. However, they also do not conceive the existence of the modernist organization as more significant than any others. Thus it is better to seek the personal framework of diffusion and processes of emulation in which religious movements and events of the Middle East may encourage similar processes in other countries.

Influenced by the dynamics of Indonesian Islam, the members of Jemaah Tarbiyah may be categorised into three groups based on their previous religious backgrounds. His modernist ideas spread rapidly throughout the Indonesian archipelago.

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However, Abaza failed to explain the fact that most students who studied in Egypt were not newly devout santri s, the product of the process of Islamisation and santrinization. The increasing appearance of manuals and training books related to the Muslim Brothers also helps Jemaah Tarbiyah to rislah its ideological and doctrinal links to the Brothers. Himppunan Jemaah Tarbiyah cadres graduated from Egyptian universities after they had interacted with Muslim Brothers ideas in Indonesia beforehand.

Nurmahmudi was appointed Minister of Forestry and Plantation in A modern and scientific approach of the Himpuhan Brothers scholars in Saudi attracted us, particular in organising a movement.

Abdullah himself became interested to the ideas of the Muslim Brothers after he met Hilmi Aminuddin. Abdullah himself was actively involved in PII. When I first arrived in Riyadh I had no idea about Islamic thought. However, since the mids, religious and socio-political movements imported from the Saudi patrons have tremendously influenced Indonesian Islamic discourses. A himpunann general definition of diffusion is a communication process with a source that sends a message through a channel to a receiver.

In the post Soeharto era a great deal of Islamic publishing has focussed on Muslim Brothers material. The ideas of Sayyid Qutb and the society of the Muslim Brothers influenced them most. Hilmi himself was raised within a traditionalist background.

Because of the high reputation of Al-Azhar University and its scholars, many Indonesian Muslims received their degrees from universities in Egypt. Roots of the Jemaah Tarbiyah Movement.

Majmu’atu Risail – Hassan Al-Banna

Most students coming to bznna Middle East were motivated by religious goal, and Egypt was less well known in that regard. The interaction of Indonesian students with ideas of the Muslim Brothers in Saudi Arabia persuaded them of the importance of a multi-dimensional struggle for Islam. This program aimed to calm the anger of Muslim activists in Indonesia after the capture of many Muslim Brothers in the s. The practical character of the society lies in its gradual reform of Muslim society by promoting economic, social and political solutions for Muslim disadvantage.