COMUNICAÇÃO COMMUNICATION. Pseudo-hermafroditismo masculino em cadela. Male pseudohermaphroditism in bitch. M.S. FantoniI; B.C. SilvaI; L.F.L. explicó que el trastorno de la indiferenciación sexual, conocido antes como hermafroditismo y seudohermafroditismo, es más frecuente de lo que se piensa. Morel d’Arleux, A. () ‘Las “Relaciones de Hermafroditas”: dos ejemplos Muñoyerro Pretel, A. () ‘Un caso de pseudohermafroditismo masculino o.

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Pseudo-hermafroditismo masculino em cadela.

SEUDOHERMAFRODITISMO – Definition and synonyms of seudohermafroditismo in the Spanish dictionary

Male pseudohermaphroditism in bitch. Fantoni I ; B.

Silva I ; L. Ferreira I ; G. Valle I ; M.

A case of male pseudo-hermaphrodite in a six-month-old Pinscher dog with mild signs of agression towards other dogs is reported. The animal presented fibrous mass in clitorial region, with structure similar to a diminutive penis.


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Testicles were found in the abdominal cavity, uterus had normal size and localization and hypertrophic clitoris was seen during exploratory laparotomy. The histopathological examination revealed testicular tissue, composed of hypotrophic seminipherous tubules and exuberant stroma and uterus with normal histological appearance.

Moreover, the herjafroditismo presented high levels of testosterone.

Os hermafroditas hefmafroditismo apresentam tecido testicular e ovariano. Male pseudohermaphroditism in a dog: Infertility, associated breeding disorders, and disorders of sexual development. Familial 78XX male pseudohermaphroditism in three dogs. Disorders of sexual development in the dog and cat.


Pathology of the genital system of the nongravid female. Male pseudohermaphroditism in a racoon dog Nyctereutes procynoides. Intersexuality in the dog.

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