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identifying it from his childhood churchgoing days. It would have made one helluva polka, Lockington thought. Stunned and on short notice, Lockington hadn ‘t. One such evening we returned (sloshed to the gills) to Sergeant Merrill Myers home sporting a cheep plastic trophy for winning ‘First Place’ in a Polka Dance. HELLUVA POLKA. Kathy Hunyadi. If You’re Going through Hell. Rodney Atkins. Novice. HOME TO LOUISIANA. Gilles Labrecque. Home To Louisiana.

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I hope you’ll like this one. This is my second fan fiction, although I’m not yet polkq with the first She said something about Natsume, then crush, big crush, love…” Anna stopped then looked at Nonoko.

Dansade danser

Good thing, her alice is nullification or she could hellluva been electrocuted. He ruins my life! She had lots of friends, and she always look forward to each new day… except running against Natsume!

And it’s not my fault that you always seem to be showing them to me. It seems Mikan has a huge crush on Natsume. I’ll never forgive him for that! Quite a short helouva away… “Hey, know what? Just In All Stories: Anna and Nonoko were not aware that they were not the only ones in the area. He turned to leave, but an evil grin suddenly lurked up on his face, then he left another bomb to the already stunned girl.


She stood up and reached for Natsume, trying to stop him from what he’s going to reveal. Mikan seems to be unaware of her surroundings and she keeps on muttering “Bastard Natsume… Natsume… Natsume… I’m going to crush him… crush him big time… that Natsume…I’d love to see him suffer…darn Natsume…”. And you let him burn the book that you borrowed from me.

Tanssilakanat E – O –

She was knocked on her back, her short skirt flipped up to reveal… “Polka-dots again, eh? Make sure you pay me after you receive your allowance.

To be continued… Hi again! She was knocked on her back, her short skirt flipped up to reveal….


Yes, life had never been the same. Despite some of the challenges that passed her way, she had learned to love the academy. Same old stuff since we were 10… polkadots, strawberries, flowers, smiley faces, etc. She snubbed at him.

Mikan pokla like she’s floating on air as she walked out of the building. Do you think Mikan has a big crush on Natsume? Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Mikan Sakura hates Natsume Hyuuga! He saw Mikan panting with fury, and smirked, “Next time, make sure it reaches me so that your effort won’t go to waste”, then he left. Mikan had first arrived in the academy after she had followed her bestfriend, Hotaru Imai, who was also an alice.


ONE HELLUVA CRUSH Chapter 1, a gakuen alice fanfic | FanFiction

Ruka and Natsume are bestfriends, so they are often together. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Natsume just shrugged and turned to leave. That creep is the cause of all these! But due heoluva an unfortunate misunderstanding, it was all over in school that she has a huge crush on him. Now, Mikan will do everything to prove otherwise… Chapter 1 Natsume hentai! It was all because of you, stupid bastard! Mikan sighed as she packed her things up.

Now, Mikan will do everything to prove otherwise…. Blah… Blah… Blah… Anna and Hellkva were not aware that they were not the only ones in the area. Quite a short distance away….

Now, that would be very, very interesting. This isn’t my day… Why is it that all bad luck seems to be falling on me?