Mental Chemistry – Charles F Haanel In Mental Chemistry you will discover exactly how you and your thoughts and perceptions shape the world around you . MENTAL CHEMISTRY By Charles F. Haanel MENTAL CHEMISTRY Chemistry is the science which treats of the intra-atomic or the intra-molecular changes. Mental Chemistry by Charles F. Haanel – Here are the secrets to Mental Chemistry; in this book you will learn how to improve your life by removing some kinds of.

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It costs only the labor of harvesting its great resources.

He deliberately chose to enlarge his brain power in the line of observation, so he deliberately exercised that special faculty, over and over, with increasing attention and concentration. It indicates first that there must be some substance sufficiently refined to carry these vibrations to every part of chemistrj world. We set it into activity by that which we think. Allen Alamillo rated it really liked it Sep 22, All life on this earth, as Dr.

Elaine Chandler rated it it was amazing May 21, This cosmic spirit can and frequently does, operate through the brain of another. It is not enough to go along in the beaten path. The vibrations must chemixtry wood, brick, stone or steel of chemisttry kind. Why is this so? Many a man seems to be doing something very wonderful when in reality another man— another mind, not visible in the work, but actually at the work— does the heavy pulling.

A proper compliance with the law will be found to produce the desired result with invariable exactitude. There is nothing material about a thought, and yet no man would give up his ability to chemistrj for all chemixtry gold in Christendom; it is therefore of more value than anything which exists. All manifestations are the result of thought— but the thinking is on different planes. We do; we get results in exact accordance with our understanding of the law and our ability to make the proper application.

Charles F Haanel, Mental Chemistry

The man who will stand in silent guard, until death, if need be, besides the shrine of confidence or friendship of those who have allowed hanel to enter will find himself linked with a current of cosmic power which will attract desirable conditions only.

Tact enables us to feel when we are in the presence of physical, mental and moral cleanliness, for these are today invariably demanded as the price of success. One feels convinced that man’s possibility of attainment cannot be measured, that boundary lines to his onward chwmistry are unthinkable.


Two or more atoms brought into combination form a molecule, which is defined as “the smallest particle of a substance that can maintain its own identity. This is a scientific deduction. So with your energy; if you want it to act on the creative plane, you will have to begin by chmeistry the ice with the fire of imagination, and you will find the stronger the fire, and the more ice you melt, the more powerful your thought will become, and the easier it will be for you to materialize your desire.

About septillions of atoms are in an inch cube of lead. It brings hanael fruit from the he blossom and the sweetness to the honey; it measures the sweep of the countless orbs; it lurks in the sparkle in the diamond, and in the amethyst and in the grape; it works in the seen and in the unseen, and it permeates the all.

The atomic weight of hydrogen is placed at 1. The perspiration of men in various mental moods was analyzed, and the resultant salts experimented with. Mental is defined as “of or appertaining to the mind, including intellect, feeling, and will, or the entire rational nature. Their influence is felt far and near, and they secure compliance with their wishes by making others “want” to act in accord with them.

Thanks for mentsl us about the problem. Thought is the vital force or energy which is being developed and which has produced such startling results in the last half century, as to bring about a world which would be absolutely inconceivable to a man existing only 50 or even 25 years ago.

Thought is a spiritual activity; in fact, it is the only activity which the spirit possesses. Certain solutions will always form a particular kind of crystal without variation. We have just begun to realize in a small degree what this newly discovered power may do for us. This life giving spirit is far more necessary than air, food, or water, because a man can live for forty days without food, for three days without water, and for a few minutes without air; but he cannot live a single second without Ether.

The building up of Matter from Electrons has been an involuntary process of individualizing intelligent energy.

Full text of “Mental Chemistry by Charles F. Haanel”

This will illustrate the attitude of mankind to the Universal Mind. We can receive only what we give, and we may give only to those who can receive; and it remains with us to determine our rate of growth and the degree of harmony that we shall express. Among the key points of Haanel’s system are what he chemishry to as the laws of concentration, attraction, and harmonious chemistryy and action.


If then there is a substance so refined that it will take up the human voice, and send it in every direction so that every human being who is equipped with the proper mechanism may receive the message, is it not possible that the same substance will carry a thought just cyemistry readily and just as certainly?

It is only destructive processes, such as earthquakes and catastrophies, that employ force. If they are unsatisfactory the remedy is to consciously alter our mental attitude and see our circumstances adjust themselves to the new mental condition. We have myriads of cells and it is the inhabitants in these cells, inhabitants which themselves are beyond the limits of the microscope, which vitalize our body.

These thoughts, in time, become subconscious, and the fingers are directed and controlled in the playing by the subconsciousness. Every one of us without exception is pulled along or pushed ahead by some force unseen. Great authors, great philosophers, great scientists have secured this harmony to such an extent that though their writings were created hundreds of years ago, we are just beginning to realize their truth.

We speak of the sun as “rising” and “setting,” though we know that this chemiatry simply an appearance of motion. Even in the formation of crystals, we see a definitely ordered plan of work. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The supply is inexhaustible, and the demand can be made along whatever lines we may desire.

The possibility of asserting a slumbering intellectual courage that clearly discerns, and haandl moral courage that grandly undertakes in open to all. Dave rated it really liked it Aug 30, When the number increases beyond this all is silence again; so that we know that the sound is not in the bell; it is in our own mind. They live in the body, enjoying complete liberty.

Eileen Campbell rated it it was amazing Mar 07, He knows the physical as neither haanep nor equal, but as a useful servant. He is a separate living animal.