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Sleep is an essential homeostatic process in human beings and other animals. These findings suggest that the response of dbs intestinal mucous membrane uqm the infection caused cba T. SS solid barsstress shaded barsand SD open bars in no-infected and infected groups.

Since the enteroendocrine cells play a fundamental role between the immune system and the enteric nervous system during a severe infectious process, this cell population could be essential in the development of an immune response. UniRitter is well known for its hybrid learning programs and dual-degree programs with other Laureate International Universities network institutions.

This method suppresses completely REM sleep and induces a slight decrease of slow wave sleep. The infection effect of T.

Glandular Enteroendocrine Cells Enteroendocrine cells could be identified inside the glands, cytoplasm facing towards the exterior, with a color and texture similar to the villi Fig. Reports funded by National Institutes of Health eds H.

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UniRitter is ranked as the No. C The differential effect of the infection in the number of goblet cells in SS, stress, and SD conditions observed in infected group blue continuous linecompared with no-infected red discontinuous line groups. Abstract Sleep is considered to be an important predictor of the immunity, since the absence of sleep can affect the development of the immune response, and consequently increase the susceptibility to contract an infection.


Note that only SD condition increases the eosinophils number in no-infected groups.

B Quantification of villi enteroendocrine cells in SS solid barsstress shaded barsand SD open bars in no-infected and infected groups. Support Center Support Center.

Histopathologic diagnosis of eosinophilic conditions in the gastrointestinal tract. The number of each cell type on the intestinal glands and villi was calculated using a 40X objective.

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The photomicrographs obtained from the infected groups showed an incremented cellularity in the periglandular lamina propria at the expense of an increased number of eosinophils. For additional information on UniRitter’s social responsibility projects, visit http: Please review our privacy policy.

The infected groups did not show differences with respect to the number of periglandular mast cells among SS, stress and SD conditions. Consequences of sleep deprivation. Arrows indicate the increase or decrease in cell types located in intestinal villi or in intestinal glands. In both cellular types a significant increase was observed in the periglandular area with respect to csb group no-infected sufficient sleep SSwhile at villi level, the SD produced an alone significant increase in the number of eosinophils.


Three-dimensional structure of the rat intestinal wall mucosa and submucosa. Consequently, we observed that the increment caused by SD conditions in the no-infected animals cs attenuated by the infection with T.

The empty areas within the tissue were discarded using the software Image J. Mexican regulations are in strict accordance with the recommendations included in the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals of the National Institute of Health NIH to ensure compliance with the established international regulations and guidelines.

Immune alterations after selective rapid eye movement or total sleep deprivation in healthy male volunteers. B Quantification of mast cells in the different treatments.


A Representative photomicrographs of periglandular mast cells in lamina propria in the first portion of the duodenum for different treatments, sleep sufficient SSstress, and sleep deprivation SD in no-infected upper pannel and infected lower pannel groups.

C The differential effect of the infection in the number of periglandular eosinophils in SS, stress, and SD fbs in ghia infected blue continuous linecompared with no-infected red discontinuous line groups. Sleep 1242—46 In addition, the large platform allows the rats to reach REM sleep without falling into the water.

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Only SD condition in no-infected groups showed a significant increment of eosinophils number with respect to SS and stress conditions. Animals were infected with T. The insert is a magnification of duodenal glands with three PAS-positive enteroendocrine cells. Sleep deprivation is a common occurrence in modern society 28 resulting from a variety of factors such as social and physiological stress, and environmental insults, such as infections and pollutants The morphology of the intestinal glands showed the same type of epithelium as the villi, although with a less abundant periglandular lamina propria continuous with the villus Fig.

Psychosomatic medicine 65— Note that infection in SS and SD conditions provoked a csb increase of enteroendocrine cells with respect to no-infected groups. In all conditions of no-infected groups no changes in number of enteroendocrine cells was observed; however, in infected groups, the SD condition showed a significant increment of enteroendocrine cells compared to SS and stress conditions.