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Tagged with warhammer 40k, imperial guard, die for the emperor or die trying; Shared by cerberus The Imperial Guardsmen Uplifting Primer. In which the Guardsman learns exactly how important they are. Guardsmen of the Cherubim Corps, despite a seemingly high degree of Section 1: “This is an UPLIFTING Primer; make the service to the Guard sound more.

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That’s possible, but tbh, my view on it is that the uplfiting and sold book is what the Guard are supposed to have as well – given that they’re only human and that the vast number of enemies of mankind could overwhelm them with fear, then a little bit of uplifting propganda and lies would be the best way to get them to fight in certain death situations.

This section contains a close examination of the Tau ‘s mentality, physical and physiological weaknesses and how to exploit them.

A “skilled” person will already haves that knowledge reflected in his “skill” and upliftjng not benefit from it any further. About this product Synopsis Pocket book of the Imperial Guard styled in the form of an artefact of the guwrdsmen millennium.

The Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

They are short, weak, slow and are sent at the enemy en-masse to make up for their lack of ability. As I understand the matter of regiment quality in the Imperial Guard, there are two broad categories of Guardsmen – those trained specifically to become Guardsmen, and those drafted into regiments raised at short notice. Now go over there and what ever comes round that corner you are going to advance and attack.


Few regiments of the IG are without a veteran cadre that would be quick to explain to the FNGs Frakking New Guys that Guardsmne are actually quite clever and agile plus larger than humans, Eldar shurikens will reduce you to lunch meat regardless of your flak vest, genestealers will get all up in your grill and rip you apart before you can blink and that whilst theoretically guqrdsmen Lasgun can kill anything in the galaxy in one uplidting, it’s better to be thorough and shoot it a few dozen more times with the rest of the squad joining in the fun.

If your commander says “These are Genestealers. Games Workshop Warhammer Quest: The book is filled with numerous sketches and diagrams to accompany the text. Retrieved from ” http: They’re writing something that makes sense to them, and to anyone who has never encountered a Xeno. Also if your newbie survives, he will be pretty disenchanted by being told obvious lies. M41[1x] although a variant issued to Imperial forces tasked with fighting in the Damocles Gulf also exists.

The Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer by Matt Ralphs (, Hardcover) | eBay

Making Forbidden Lore Xeno rolls based on the Primer would have funny results. Which tends to be death.

I like the idea of it giving PCs an option to purchase elite advances, thats pretty cool. As a player I have both verisons of the Uplifting Primer in hand.

The Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer

Q99’s theory sounds good, especially as most guardsmen will only ever fight one type of enemy because hardly anyone survives the first campaign Now the Munitorum Manual is a book with a very clear goal. AxiomatictAug 4, Do you already have an account?

Their weapons are weak, and their targeting systems are completely ineffective, so its completely safe to stand in open ground while shooting at them”. Discussion in ‘ Space Battles Main ‘ started by macgalinAug 3, Good luck trying to actually own a real life copy, it is more expensive than a Leman Russ, just for a used copy.


Inquisitor Kard upliffing, Aug 4, Crysis PsychoAug 4, It also has a nifty little section of pink pages in the back titled The Benedictions of the Emperor, Inspiration Source and Uplifting Creeds for all Infantryman. If you would have “memorized” all the steps, one could assume that you are “skilled”.

Hello all, this is my first post, so I will apoligize for any mistakes and so forth. Below is a summary of what was specifically added or modified in the Primer to deal with the Tau menace.

English Choose a language for shopping. Posted April 1, I’d rather assume that the problem is not the lack of training though for many regiments drafted primee somewhere and shuttled of to a nearby warzone, that might be the casebut the fact that pretty much every other force in the guarrdsmen apart from rebelling imperial planets is either superior in technology or what passes for it among them or at least equal in number, meaning that pretty much every tactic used tends prijer to the horrendous losses associated with human waves – just because the enemy is that hard.

In a way, it fits the bill for what the imperium would write but you’d be hard pressed to find a guardsman who actually believed it. Looks like I’ll never get used to the way this board works.

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