William Bramley, author of one of the most popular books on ancient astronaut theory, Gods of Eden, has given an exclusive interview for the readers of. Gods of Eden by William Bramley, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. There is also an unauthorized Spanish-language edition of The Gods of Eden that has been made available as a PDF on the internet. I do not know who.

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The Gods of Eden – Brief Descriptions, Excerpts and Comments

Had Bramley written this book today, he would of course have included Facebook and Whatsapp as the works of the Brotherhood Network of the Custodial Society Alien Masters to keep humans ignorant of a higher level of existence, chained to the physical world. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Is there any reports of these fden not having a Soul??? Aug 22, A. It also gives no solution. This book was a real trip “down the rabbit hole” as they say.

A widespread misconception is eddn to be effective, a person must either be rich, a politician, or a saint. Billions of dollars went from the pockets of U. Beginning in Sumeria modern-day Middle EastBramley examines the truth of the ancient alien theory and concludes that it is real. Practitioners absolutely should merge with the light nimitta at these times in order to experience Jhana and have a chance at enlightenment. Aug 16, Sahishnu Majumdar rated it really liked it.

Wioliam are abducted against their will, they are immobilized, and they have physical procedures performed on them that are often reproductive in nature. These things are not always weapons. Throughout human history, there have been reports of strange flying objects sometimes called “boats” or “sails” or “Comets” in the sky. For instance, try Wonders in the Sky by Jacques Vallee and Chris Aubeck — see my review His purpose is to state that evidence exists that we have been visited throughout our history and to present his theory of who these visitors are and why they are here.


In doing so he brings to light just how interconnected all those events were. Yet, inexplicably, in the light of astonishing intellectual and technological advancement, Man’s progress has been halted in one crucial area; he still indulges th.

Assuming any or all of this to be true, what difference does it make whether we know about williwm or not, since most of us are not admitted to the back rooms at the Pentagonto the secret chambers of the Vatican Library, or to the inner sanctums of the central bankers?

The Gods of Eden

The Gods of Eden. But I noticed that some localized conflicts were being triggered by radical Islamists. He does not go any further into explanations of the many sightings in past or modern times, as there are many books covering those. In the course of doing so, what he stumbled upon, is quite extraordinary. The origins of human beings according to ancient Sumerian texts. Until it was the case in the U. I’m just fascinated by conspiracy theory and Chariots of the Gods is, like, too mainstream?

According to the author, the reason for the control of humans is that the controllers do not want humans to realize that each has a spirit soul and that it is not necessary This is the most comprehensive book I’ve read about the possibility of there being a controlling group of either other-world or on-worlders that are not part of we humans.

Two Sides to Every Story: I think the bramle taps into a belief that has been around for as long as human beings have been here. There are probably many varieties of extraterrestrials who have, and have long had, an interest in this planet and the evolution of life thereon. The revolutionary invention of the wheel.


The modern financial system, the concept of paper money, also came out of the very same houses that were profiting from war. In essence Bramley attempts to cover most of recorded civilised history and explain the influence of the aforementioned ‘Custodians’ during the transpiring events.

Gods of Eden

Art and Culture of their Own. And Moses brought the people out of the camp to meet with God; and they stood at the lower part of the mountain.

Jan 17, Leslie rated it really liked it Recommended to Leslie by: It might seem unrealistic that such activity could go on continuously for thousands of years.

Did my history teacher forget certain things in my lectures in my youth? Aside from that the book is perfect. A major discovery has just been made in Gobustan, Azerbaijan – a rock carving of a game board that is believed to be one of the oldest that has ever been found.

Comments SeaTiger wrote on 20 December, – It is saying, “Yes, there may actually be some truth to the belief in non-human intervention, but it’s only today that we can truly start to understand it because of our own advances in knowledge.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. If the debunkers are wrong, then humanity may be facing a big challenge. This question will require godds long answer. Brmley not we must fall back on conventional explanations of human history, which seem not to provide adequate explanation. Or anyone who watched StarGate.