ArcheryGB / GNAS · Weather Beckenham The main reference on the calculation of the handicap tables is: “The Construction of the Graduated Handicap Tables for Target Archery”, David Lane, Sep Earlier papers, written before. This archery handicap calculator allows you to obtain the handicaps of different scores for a given category, round, and bowstyle, for the UK handicap system. 11/14/06 mackrick. Does anyone know if it is possible to get hold of an elctronic copy of the GNAS Handicap tables? Sign in to reply. 11/14/06 Austin Shackles.

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It helps archers to monitor their progress Enables scores to be compared between different rounds. I am ordering the green book but I handixap really do with the tables sooner rather than later. If the handicap of the score shot is less than the archer’s current handicap, then their new handicap becomes the average of their old handicap and the handicap of the score shot, rounding up if the result is not a whole number.

Archery ScorePad Free Download

You can hold different classifications for different bow types, but you can only hold your classification for the calendar year in which handiacp shot your qualifying scores. Does anybody know of anywhere that has a downloadable handicap tables from the gnas rules of shooting manual. I have downloaded the latest version of the rules of shooting but cannot find the handicap tables anywhere.

Phil Lees has put together a basic explanation of how handicaps work — its a tricky subject but Phil has done a great job of simplifying the calculations. Score for a National round of gives a handicap of A novice usually starts out with a high handicap, which reduces as they post better scores. Many clubs have a handicap officer, who you hsndicap speak with for further information. The allowance is the archers handicap score for the round subtracted from The basic form of of handicap competition works well within a club, each archers handicap is used to work out an allowance for the round being shot which is then added to their actual score.


Once the results of such tournaments are in, the Tournament Organiser will use the Archery GB handicap tables to calculate the handicap adjustments and find the winner.

Handicaps and scoring

Results 1 to 6 of The archery handicap system has three uses: First, handicaps can help you gauge your progress. The highest two classifications, Master Bowman and Grand Master Bowman, can only be achieved with scores achieved at record status competitions. The standard handicap tables are based on 18xx arrows which are 7. Tables for non-standard rounds can easily be calculated and some rounds eg Frostbite, Burntwood and the new metric rounds for juniors have already been added.

There are six classification levels: An archer might have recorded some scores but may not yet have a handicap. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Handicaps for indoor and outdoor rounds, and handicaps for each bowstyle are kept separate.

Handicaps allow archers to compare their performance between different rounds, and track their improvement over a season.

As the season continues, the archer improves his scores and thus his established handicap: To gain a classification you need ghas shoot three scores that meet that classification level. Rounding the average scores, or 1 decimal place.

The lower the handicap the better the archer. There is often a great deal of confusion and mystery around the issue of handicaps in scoring.

Archery Handicap Tables

The time now is Archer has a handicap of 68, then shoots a round handicap of Brief Explanation of Handicaps In the UK system, each score is assigned a handicap value between 0 and which you can find by using the calculator on this pagewith better scores having lower handicap values.

All rights reserved worldwide. He then shoots a round for a 66 handicap. For example the best three handicaps listed above are 66, 65 and 61; this gives a handicap at the start of the new season of The winner is the archer with the most points after the handicap has been taken into account.


In the UK system, each score is assigned a handicap value between 0 and which you can find by using the calculator on this pagewith better scores having lower handicap values. Last edited by Tom; at No doubt if GNAS did ever have a copy for sale they tablrs issue it in a useless proprietry format.

Handcap you know, archr can automatically calculate and keep track of the handicaps of all your scores for you or even for your entire club? Andy A lie can run round the world before the truth has got its boots on. For a Portsmouth the gain is at most 3 points, but you might lose much more by having arrows that are hard to tune and shoot.

This page needs Javascript enabled in the Internet browser. Last Jump to page: Some archers may not have completed 3 tnas rounds to achieve a handicap.

Recurve Compound Barebow Longbow. The main reference on the calculation of the handicap tables is: Score for a Short Warwick of gives a handicap of If the archer has shot at least three rounds in the previous season then the new handicap is the average of the best three rounds in the previous season, rounded up to the nearest whole number. To calculate a handicap and classification, simply choose the desired category, bowstyle, and round, and then start to type a score!

Earlier papers, written before the handicap tables, give some background into the work done. He next shoots a round with a handicap of 67 which, although better than the current 68 handicap, is not better handicpa 2 points so the handicap stays at