The great Doctor of the Church, St. Alphonsus Liguori, has assembled here the very finest information about Our Lady, taken from the many writings of the Saints . Glories of Mary [Saint Alphonsus Liguori] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Glories of Mary by Catholic Book Publishing is an edition of . The Glories of Mary is a classic book in the field of Roman Catholic Mariology, written during the 18th century by Saint Alphonsus Liguori, a Doctor of the Church.

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This new and improved translation of “The Glories of Mary, ” having been duly examined, is hereby approved of.

Copyright,BY P. Hall, holy Queen, Mother of Mercy!

The Glories Of Mary St. Alphonsus Liguori

How great is the love of our mother for us SECT. Our life, our sweetness! Mary is our life, because she obtains for us the pardon of our sins SECT. Mary is again our life, because she obtains for us perseverance SECT. Mary is the hope of all SECT.


Alphlnsus thee do we cry, poor banished children of Eve! Mary is a merciful advocate, who does not refuse to defend the cause of the most miserable sinners SECT. Mary rescues her servants from hell SECT.

Mary assists her servants in purgatory SECT. Which treats of her principal Festivals; of her dolors in general, and of each of her seven dolors in particular; of her virtues; and lastly, of devotion to be practised in her honor.

Discourses on the seven principal gloriew of Mary and her Dolors.

The piercing of the side of Jesus and His descent from the cross. Of the charity of Mary towards God. Tenth and last devotion Various additional examples appertaining to the most Holy Mary.

The Glories of Mary

Meditation for the Day of the Annunciation to Mary. Meditation for the eighth day of September on the Feast of the Nativity of Mary Meditation glorues the twenty first day of November on the Feast of the Presentation of Mary. Prayers to the divine Mother for every day of the week Sunday -Prayer to the most holy Mary to obtain the pardon of sins. Monday -Prayer to the most holy Mary to obtain holy perseverance Tuesday -Prayer to Mary most holy to obtain alphondus good death.



Wednesday -Prayer marh Mary most holy to obtain deliverance from hell. Thursday -Prayer to the most holy Mary to obtain paradise. Friday -Prayer to the most holy Mary to obtain love towards her and Jesus Christ Saturday -Prayer to the most holy Mary to obtain her patronage. Ephrem to Mary abbreviated Prayer of St. Thomas of Aquin Prayer of St.