As to the book itself, the Glass Walker Tribebook for anyone who runs Werewolf the Apocalypse and has them in their party, it’s an invaluable tool. It’s written very . β€œAnd he said unto him, Arise, go thy way: thy faith hath made thee whole.” Source : Core book revised / 20th Anniversary Edition / Glass Walker Tribebook. For Glass Walker Gifts of all ranks, see All Glass Walker Gifts. Rank 1 Glass Walker Gift (Boli Zouhisze). The Boli Source: Glass Walker Tribebook (revised) .

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If you live outside the business, you are a number with a dollar sign in front of it, representing what you own and how much it, and you, are worth. The Garou safeguards one machine against natural corrosion or adverse weather for one day per success. The player rolls Gnosis, difficulty 7. Too many Garou are afraid of advancing beyond the limits of their bodies. Note to players and Storytellers: If successful, the desired ancestor is summoned and possesses the target.

During this time almost no door or barrier can possibly stop the Glass Walker. The only exception to this is soaking damage. But the physical dangers of overpressure pale before the psychological. Control Simple Machine Rank 1 Glass Walker Gift The Garou may command the spirits tirbebook the simplest machines, causing levers to flip, doors to unbolt, pulleys to roll and so on. The Garou safeguards one machine against natural corrosion or adverse weather tribrbook one day per success.

If successful, the Storyteller reduces the difficulties of all Social rolls by one for the remainder of the scene.

The character may never command elementals of the other group. Steel Fur Rank 2 Glass Walkers Gift Focusing in on their own being, the Glass Walker wraps his own spirit with those of steel, turning his fur into hardened metal.


One of the most troublesome of these is the possibility of their prey slipping into a crowd and simply disappearing. However, the Storyteller may decide that a certain number of successes are necessary to attain a certain speed. An abandoned lot might be 5, a typical city building bathed in the smog of passing cars might be a 6 or 7, while an oil spill site might be 9. Air-spirits teach this Gift.

All Glass Walker Gifts | Werewolf: the Apocalypse – Wyrmfoe

Whilst this fetish may be used in any form, only Garou in Crinos, Hispo or Lupus will hear the signal. Werewolf Dice Roller How many dice do you want tribebookk Roll: This Gift is taught by a squirrel-spirit.

Wise Guys using this Gift often recite Luke Worshipping monsters, now, that has some more flair. While skunk-apes, Jersey Devils and mothmen are not common in cities, the knowledgeable Glass Walker can call forces of equal power with this Gift. This Gift connects the Random Interrupt to the theoretical better computer, making all work much easier.

A PDA can become razor sharp, or a knife could be tapped on to hack into a system. Working out which punk to hit in a street gang to make the rest run would only require one success, working out which guy needs to bribing to bring down an entire corporation would require at least five. City Farmer The Garou can cause plants to take root and grow in places where it is usually impossible for plants to grow.

This Gift is taught by only one spirit, who lives at the foot of Bull Mountain and cries eternally. For a business, you are your possessions, and this Gift makes it literally true. The only exception to this is if the roll is a botch, in which case no Willpower may be spent and every bullet misses their target by exactly an inch.



The Random Interrupts often favor spending a point of Willpower in addition to the tirbebook of Gnosis to control the temperate and keep it just above freezing. This fetish gives the Garou a chromed look. A list of all Glass Walker tribe Gifts for Werewolf: The greatest toll a Soldier has is her equipment. The Garou may command the spirits of the simplest machines, causing levers to flip, doors to unbolt, pulleys to roll and so on.

Steel fur counts as two dedicated items. A bird spirit again, never a pigeon teaches the Gift.

Paranoid Glass Walkers β€” which is to say, most of them β€” use the best encryption technologies available on the open market when they send data through the Internet or Digital Web.

The damage still applies to the object, however, and if the object is destroyed then any connection between the object and the opponent is destroyed with it. If fewer successes are rolled, and the other side hangs up before she emerges at the other end, the Garou is spat back out at her phone and takes three levels of lethal damage.

All creatures without a natural coat of fur lose two dice from all pools. This Gift ensures that when spraying bullets from an automatic gun, not a single bullet misses its target. It’s like having a rewind button for your campaign. Success drops the temperature glasswallker a bit below freezing in a five-mile radius, or even further below zero if it tribeboik already winter.

Gianluigi Lucci always felt this never glasswzlker far enough, and came up with the trick glasswakler never being there in the first place.