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A keyset or chorded keyboard is a computer input device that allows the user to enter characters or commands formed by. GKOS on the open source Arduino microcontroller: Want to try a virtual GKOS keyboard on iPhone, Android, MeeGo/Harmattan or Windows Phone?. Edit Site. edit this panel · edit top menu. How to type on a GKOS keyboard. You can try GKOS typing here:

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InFrank Haven Hallsuperintendent of the Illinois Institute for vkos Education of the Blind, created the Hall Braille Writer, which was like a typewriter with 6 keys, one for each dot in a braille cell.

In addition, the EkaPad can store text strings and keyboard shortcuts. In some applications, the spacebar is used to produce additional chords which enable the user to issue editing commands, such as moving the cursoror deleting words. The GKOS [26] is a 6-key keyboard with a different signs and commands allocation of the 63 different chords in order to provide all PC keyboard functions and to make entering letters and numbers lighter by having to press fewer keys simultaneously. Description This App offers a chorded keyboard where you can enter characters by pressing several keys together, like playing a keyboarf on keybpard piano.

It is supported on the thumb. This GKOS for thumbs has additional keys to enable all combos by only one keypress per hand. The layout also makes a less-cluttered button keypad for tablet computers, touchscreens, touchpads, and can be used in wired gloves.

‎Chorded Keyboard – GKOS on the App Store

Since Engelbart introduced the keyset, several different designs have been developed based on similar concepts. Leyboard pressing two or more keys together the user can generate many combinations. Do NOT use while you are driving a car or riding a bike!


Like many other chorded keyboards, it can be used with one hand. Claimed advantages of the IN10DID method are the diversity of devices, limited motion and simple chords.

This keyboard is just for professional users not beginners, cuz it’s too difficult for ppl to use and has help but it’s not helpfully there is not many tutorial for this app at all. How to edit pages?

Chorded keyboard

Change the name also URL address, possibly the category of the page. A one button version of the mouse was incorporated into the Apple Macintosh but Steve Jobs decided against incorporating the chorded keyset. After a small amount of practice, the typing speed exceeds that of the GSM number pad method multi-tap.

The Twiddler [30] is a fully featured key keyboard plus mouse designed to fit in the palm of one hand. It is implemented on two popular mobile phones, each provided with software disambiguation, which allows users to avoid using the space-bar. Each key is essentially a shift key so that with ten keys, there are ten single keystrokes and dozens of two and three key combinations.

The alphabet is produced with a single press for ten letters or by shifting with either thumb for sixteen more. A chorded keyboard minus the board, typically designed to be used while held in the hand, is called a keyer. It is your responsibilty to use this App only in a safe way and to NOT put anyone at risk! The mouse buttons marked selections and confirmed or aborted commands.

Multiambic keyers are similar to chording keyboards but without the board, in that the keys are grouped in a cluster for being handheld, rather than for sitting on a flat surface. SureType Telephone 9-key E. The usefulness of this chorded keyboard app is limited by the advertizement taking up a large area when connected via wifi. The efficiency gained by using multi-character chords have novice Twiddler users typing at 47 WPM while experts can burst up to WPM.


Touch screen chordic keyboards are available to smartphone users as an optional way of entering text.

GKOS Keyboard

An example of this is an email address or address block can be typed by pressing just one chord. Braille a writing system for the blind uses either 6 or 8 tactile ‘points’ from which all letters and numbers are formed. Fill In the Gap.

A secondary advantage is that it can be built into a device such as a pocket-sized computer or a bicycle handlebar that is too small to contain a normal-sized keyboard. Append content without editing the whole page source. It also works for left handed users and has a live speech output facility that could be helpful for people with speech impairments.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. As a crude example, each finger might control one key which corresponds to one bit in a byteso that using seven keys and seven fingers, one could enter any character in the ASCII set—if the user could remember the binary codes.

Macro keys, and multiple modes are also easily implemented with a user space driver. As with every conventional phone, it is possible to write a text message or email without looking on the screen.

In Engelbart’s original mapping, he used five keys: See also the on-screen virtual keyset at Teague Labs.