Appareillage Chorus. Animated publication. To maximize your viewing experience of this digital catalog, we recommend installing Adobe Flash Player Plugin. For Special versions please contact our GEWISS Sales Organization. ROAD [5] – MINI NOTE: to be installed on a Chorus 3 gang frame GW Using the. Discover the Gewiss solutions based on the contexts of use of the products or browse the catalogs available.

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The slot on the plastic casing also allows it to be fixed with screws. Wood LUX – maple. Miniature lamps with wired lead and LED lamp. The KNX BUS is an open solution, and as such it provides a crucial guarantee of compatibility between products made by different manufacturers.

A wide range of devices completed the range of push-button commands: Chorus – Domestic range LUX plates The LUX plates, with their modern and refined geometries, combine a high-tech contemporary spirit with the refined and elegant choruus of tradition.

The password must contain at least 6 and a maximum of 12 characters, a numeric character and a uppercase letter. Symbol Roller shutter up.

Experience Catalogue

Rated coil voltage V 24V dc – 2. Cookies Policy We use technical cookies for optimum navigation. Dimensions LxHxD mm 60x80x8. Upgrade your profile on my profile page! You can still customize the module with other type of replaceable button keys suited for 1 or 2 lens, with 2 diffusers, 1- or 2-module or with other lens in the catalogue. Call Go to contacts. The device has front push-buttons for the local command of the relay outputs, 4 green LEDs for signalling output contact closure, and 4 amber LEDs for signalling the status of the inputs.


For the download of the file you have to be a professionist installer or wholesaler. Dimensions LxHxD mm 52x33x Welcome, Check the list of your notifications: Dimensions LxHxD mm 96x77x Leather LUX – black. Use a support relay for the compensated fluorescent lamps and for all loads that are not indicated. Our partners near you. For discharge lamps and compensated gesiss lamps, use a support relay.

Appareillage Chorus

The reading voltage SELV is generated inside the device. Button key With 2 diffusers. KNX timed thermostats – wall-mounting.

Available with 1 and 2 gangs. Treshold adjustment 10 – lux.

Products and Services for Domotics, Energy and Lighting

Blanking modules for housing 2- and 4-channel contact interface. The sensor is also equipped with a PI proportional integral regulator for heating and air conditioning.

For the download of the file you have to be a professionist installer or wholesaler.

In an cataloho environment of this nature, reliability and performance requirements in terms of energy distribution reach the very highest levels. Suitable for commanding incandescent lamps V ac: Today it is the largest helmet manufacturer in Europe, with overhelmets produced per year and a team of people working in a single hub, extended across an area of 31, square meters.


BUS interfaces for connecting 2 or 4 push-buttons or conventional potential-free contacts. Cable Colour Green – Black.

Glass LUX – ice. The device is able to manage a safety pause upon the deactivation of the controlled load.

Max switchover current 10 A cos. Max range 6 m. IR remote control transmitter. With 3 and 4 gang modularity options, ICE plates meet all the most sophisticated technological and design requirements and mark a new frontier for lighting devices. Power supply V ac. Max cable length m. LUX – glamour red. Current supplied max mA. The device has 8 amber LEDs for signalling the status of the inputs. Backlit electronic push-buttons for BUS inputs.

Supply voltage 12 V dc – 1 A. Each channel can be personalised using a set of adhesive icons.