Manuals and User Guides for Garmin nuvi T. We have 4 Garmin nuvi T manuals available for free PDF download: Owner’s Manual, Safety And Product. View and Download Garmin Nuvi series owner’s manual online. Garmin GPS Kit Owner’s Manual. Nuvi series Also for: Nuvi , Nuvi t, Nuvi t. We have the following Garmin Nuvi T manuals available for free PDF download. You may find documents other than just manuals as we also make available.

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In the USA, go to. Install the Battery Step 2: See the Important 885h and Product Information guide in the product box for product warnings and other important information. Install the Battery 1. Locate the rectangular lithium-ion battery that came in the product box.

Locate the metal contacts on the end of the lithium-ion battery. Flip the lever back, toward the windshield.

Plug the other end of the vehicle power cable into a power outlet in your vehicle. Now you can select a destination and navigate to it. For more information about GPS, see page 59 and visit www. The upper-left garmun indicates the distance to your next maneuver and the lane you should be in for the maneuver. Taking a Detour 1. With a route active, touch Menu. To learn how to perform a simple search, see TiP: Touch near… to change the search area.

Page Options Touch an item in the search results list to view the Go! Finding a Place by Spelling the Name If you know the 885g of the location you are looking for, you can spell it using the on-screen keyboard. Going Home After you set your home location, you can route to gaarmin at any time by touching Where to?

Using Photo Navigation Panoramio include location mamual. Name—enter a new Photo—select a picture to Symbol— Touch to navigate to the location. Show Map Touch to view the location on the map. Creating and Editing Routes Touch Where to?

Garmin nuvi T Manuals

Select the route you want to take and touch Go!. You can save up to 10 routes. Your changes are automatically saved when you exit any of the route edit pages. Trip Computer Page The Trip Computer page displays your current speed and provides helpful statistics about your trip. To view the Trip Computer page, touch Speed arrival field on the Map page. Using the Remote Control Use the remote control to start or stop a speech recognition session.


Start speech recognition Stop speech recognition Listen for the voice prompt before speaking your next command. To speak shortcut commands: Speak any shortcut command from the shortcut commands listed below. You can use shortcut commands from any screen.

Additional examples of Find Nearest commands include: Speak Find Place by Name screen. You can only speak the names of very popular, well-known locations. Use the Where To? To speak an address: Speak Find Address from any screen. Respond to the prompts to speak or spell the city name, the house number, and the street. These settings might be in a Bluetooth, Connections, or Hands-free menu.

The first call is placed on hold.

To switch between calls: Hands Free Call 1. To review an incoming text message: When you get a text message, the Incoming Message window opens. Touch review to open your inbox, or ignore touch To view your messages: Touch Inbox, Outbox, or Drafts. To play the entire category from the beginning of the list, touch the first song listed. To save your current garkin Listening to a Book 1. Touch a category, and then touch a book title.

Touch to listen to garin book from the bookmark. Loading Audible Books 1. Purchase a book at mznual There will be black lines around the video image. To change the Backup Camera settings, pages 50— For more information, visit http: Browse your computer for the file you want to copy.

Garmin Nuvi T – Automotive GPS Receiver Manual

Highlight the file, and touch Copy. Using the Tools The Tools menu provides many features that 885h helpful when you are traveling. From the Menu page, touch access the Tools menu.

Settings For information about the settings, see pages 44— Touch to view current location information. To purchase an accessory, visit http: Some of the games are trial versions. Enter the first number of your calculation.


Touch restore to use the original rate. Changing the Base Currency You can change the base currency, the currency to which all other currencies are converted. Tools Currency Converter 1. Touch the button next to Currency. Touch to turn the alarm off until tomorrow. Garmin Travel Guide Much like a paper travel guide, the Garmin Travel Guide provides detailed information about places, such gamin restaurants and hotels. To purchase an accessory, go to http: FM Radio Data System.

For information about FM traffic receivers and coverage areas, see www.

Garmin nuvi 885T User Manual

Garmin is not responsible for the accuracy of the traffic information. Touch road to see the incidents on each road in the area. If there is traffic on your route, touch On My route to view details. Traffic on Your Road When you are not navigating a route and there harmin traffic on your road, the Traffic Subscriptions pages 49—50 International adding a traffic subscription.

For more information about traffic subscriptions, go to www.

You do not need to activate the subscription included with your FM traffic receiver if it came with one. Frequency Selection Tips For best results, select a frequency below gar,in When searching for an appropriate FM frequency on your FM stereo, look for an unused frequency that has steady, consistent static.

If you hear slight noises and sounds in the background of the static, select a different frequency. Touch the setting you want maual change. Touch the button beside the setting name to change it. Enter a 4-digit PIN, and set a security location. For more information, see page restore—restore the original security settings.

Touch the icon you want to use, and then touch OK. Download additional vehicle icons at www. Phone Help—scroll through the list containing compatible devices. If your phone is not in this list, go to www. Touch to add a subscription. For North American units, touch Add. Write down the FM traffic receiver unit ID.