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Ganoterapia profesional DXN con el Dato Dr. LIM SIOM JIN, Primera Parte.

The Vitiligo or Leucoderma is a disease that is characterized by loss of the pigment producing cells of melanico in the skin, i.

The patient gradually loses the color of the skin appearing white spots on the face, limbs and the genital region.

Most of them are the depigmentation initially in the hands and then in the face. These spots are progressing slowly from these sites and can spread throughout the body and to reach a degree of discoloration that resembles tanoterapia person to an albino: The disease is found only in the skin, by the lack of a cell: The vitiligo is characterized histologically by ganlterapia absence of epidermal melanocytes.

There is no histological pattern diagnosis or pathognomonic; however, is increased number of lymphocytes in the papillary dermis, degeneration of the basal keratinocytes and increase in the number of Langerhans cells.

It could be an autoimmune disease, associated with antibodies to the melanocytes, but the pathogenesis is not yet understood.

Has been raised several theories about the etiology of the disease, including the neural theory, autocitotoxica and autoimmune. Studies suggest that involved predisposing factors genetic and precipitating factors environmentalsince none of these theories can explain by itself the etiology and pathogenesis of the disease. As we already know the Ganoderma has as main component the extract from the Ganoderma lucidum, a fungus that acts through its entirety nutraceuticals to improve the status of the people.


As Vitiligo may be an gwnoterapia disease and product of a psychological disorder which in turn lower the defenses, the Ganoderma would act at the level of cells called melanocytes that are the cells responsible for skin coloration to give you the same.

Melanin is the pigment that by some unidentified cause so far does not occur dn the normal way decreasing the quantity and discolored our skin. The extract of Ganoderma lucidum is going to be absorbed systemically and the action will take place at the cellular level and the tissues will look like before in a few months of treatment.

The ganoderma is recommended in preference consume on an empty stomach. Start with lingzhi and reishi then consume and ganocelium won for best results, during the treatment, do not forget ingesting more than eight glasses of water a day.

Ganoterapia DXN Dr. Lim Siow Jin –

For best effects and early recovery should prepare a cream of the product and place it on the parties concerned, if this is the face make it way to mask before going to sleep. Take two teaspoons of the product, put them in a dish medium. With an eyedropper go adding hot water boiled to a pulp loose. The appearance is similar when preparing coffee espress manually and homemade. Before applying the cream resulting, wash the area to be treated with soap.

Then we proceed vanoterapia apply with your fingers on the depigmented areas ganoterspia. The plaster should be in contact with the skin for at least five hours in a row.

The next day wash the area well.

In this way the results will be visible in a short time. Fanoterapia should be noted that each individual is different to another, the treatment time can therefore be in a few more than in others. You will be given same account with the advance in the treatment.


It is recommended that the intake of plenty of water, fruit and vegetables to a greater degree.

Do not drink alcohol, smoke, or activities that could damage health. Cases have been reported and testimonies where this topical treatment with poultices of Ganoderma have given better results when the patient has been exposed to the ultraviolet light in sessions where the cream has been applied to the affected skin. There are also cases of patients with psoriasis, that using the treatment of Ganoderma for vitiligo have reversed the disease with excellent results.

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VERY IMPORTANT Cases have been reported and testimonies where this topical treatment with poultices of Ganoderma have given better results when the patient has been exposed to the ultraviolet light in sessions where the cream has been applied to the affected skin. By Alfredo who had not Write a comment 0 – See the comment – View the 0 comments.

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