Thieves’ Guild is a role-playing game published by Gamelords in Contents. 1 Description; 2 Publication history; 3 Reception; 4 Supplement; 5 References. Gamelords (The Companions produced the tavern furnishings) .. Thieves’ Guild â„¢ is part of Gamelords’ complete Fantasy Systemâ„¢, role-playing for the. Well, I had Thieves Guild 1 and we played it a bit. It’s a decent itteration of D&D. More stats, more theif skills. Lots of good thief adventures.

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I always wanted to know more about this one. So YOU are the other guy who bought this. I collected it as well starting with the TG boxed set and then, like you, grabbing stuff for a buck or two on the discount table when I could find it.

We skipped 2e and went to Thieves Guild instead, always on the hunt for the promised fighter and magic rules which would have given a full RPG experience. As is we made up our own stuff. I hadn’t heard of it. I recall using the extensive equipment price listings to supplement the in my youthful view scanty wares offered in Holmes. Thieves Guild 2 had a really cool variety of tombs to raid, nicely mapped. I agree with you on the Janet Trautvetter’s art, but I always go for feel and personality over straight up competence and professionalism.

In the “Thieves Do It in the Shadows” ad the word rogue is misspelled. This glaring oversight makes the company’s entire inventory waste product. I played a lo of Thieves Guild back in the day.

The experience of exploring Haven permanently turned me off to dungeon crawls, which I found rather dull by comparison. Who cares about a bunch of orcs in a cave when you can visit the House of Silk Veils, drink with the ruffians at the Prancing Pony and plan daring robberies and heists? I loved this, and bought it whenever I could. One problem of the series was the modularity – I gamelotds subscribe I seem to remember that was possibleand I missed some of the supplements, which drove me crazy!

Still, an awesome and relatively high-quality set of books. Gui,d was a game that deserved a better fate than it had and I would very much have liked to see The Fantasy System they had planned come to fruition. I love that city, more than the Judges Guild stuff.

It always seemed like a “better” or less “over-the-top” setting than the Judges Guild stuff. It was great and I’m looking forward to running a new group of players through the adventures again in my new campaign.

I like it a lot, especially for its vision. Thieves Guild is a decent compromise. You are not super-powerful, but you are still an adventurer doing adventurous things actually, it gives adventures a role in society – you are all thieves, a real profession. Would I want to play it today? It was, I believe, better generic fantasy than either Greyhawk or the Forgotten Realms, although it is not always easy to define why.


And, again, I love Trautvetter’s art. The people in the art is how adventurers looked to my mind’s eye.

Tadashi Ehara owns the rights to the Gamelords lines, and has several Thieves Guild titles available http: Thanks to Allan for the link! Who knew you could still score pristine stuff like this?

I ordered a whole buncha stuff, some even that I may already have I have Thieves’ Guild 4 and 5 new in orig poly bags, putting them up on Ebay right now. The Looking Glass Podcasts mention the Thieves Guild books as part of their research and inspiration when designing the first Thief game. Tim Stellmach mentions it, he was the lead designer All the podcasts are amazing if you’re into the Looking Glass games.

You are mixing thievex up with some other product. It was developed near to where I lived so we considered it “ours”. Thursday, June 30, Thieves’ Guild, gameloeds Gamelords. I always tried to grab their stuff whenever I spotted it – usually cheaply, as most gamestore owners didn’t seem to really understand what it was, and would drop it into the “dollar box” with all the cheap traveller knock-offs and weird furry animal rpgs.

Beyond the Black Gate: Thieves’ Guild, by Gamelords

The system occupies 33 pages in the initial TG gameloeds, with the understanding that later products would fill out unexplored areas, which they did – if you buy an installment, it is going to be a grab bag of optional rules, modular encounters and small scenarios usually around a common theme. For example, Installment 2 adds more weapon types gwmelords adjusted damage ratingscombat rules, guidelines for hiring and maintaining hirelings, bandit and highwayman encounters, and The Tombs of Shale-Chuun scenario, which combines the mini-dungeons of Keep on the Borderlands with the traps of The Tomb of Horrorsand is a cool, flexible set of adventures.

The approach to the gamelotds is extremely modular, and it would be relatively easy to rebuild them to one’s liking. Ability scores include Strength, Dexterity subdivided into Coordination and ReflexesStamina also used to derive Magic ResistanceIntelligence subdivided into Discretion and Talent and Attractiveness subdivided into Appearance and Magnetism.

Abilities are rolled on 3d6. Races are a mixture of tolkienesque and fairy tale: Additionally, random social background, modified by race, is a part of the game, influencing starting wealth, as well as weapon and non-weapon skills. Damage uses the contemporary 3rd party abbreviation HTK Hits To Kill ; however, HTK is not a function of class, but an average of Strength and Stamina further modified by a table based on the total of these two attributes e.


There are separate saving rolls, which are actually roll-under ability checks rolled with 2d12; they are also used for non-combat task resolution. Combat actions take place simultaneously, and there is no initiative, so a character who gkild a death blow may still strike back.

Thieves’ Guild (role-playing game)

There are critical hits and fumbles resolved with a relatively simple chart, and thieves are given additional combat maneouvres backstabbing, coshing KOspoison use and striking from concealment. Additionally, armour absorbs a small amount of damage Gaining levels results in the occasional extra hit dice e.

Further guidelines focus on fields thieves may find interesting – these are separate subsystems for disguise, fencing, traders, a treatise on guild membership and structure, a justice system with a guid chart to determine outcomes; however, Judges Guild’s similar guidelines are more colourful.

There are allusions in the books to parts guildd The Fantasy System thidves would be presumably released later and might have been – I only own the first two installements – classes such as Archers, Centurions, Healers, Mages, Priests, Priestly Mages, Illusionists, Assassins, Troubadours, Traders Hetearae etc. For thleves, the first installment has very detailed encounter modules with merchants, locales for cat-burglary one set in the Street of Silk Veils, a red-light district; another in an area of magic and curio shops and random encounters.

The production values of Thieves Guild are spartan; first printswere supposed to be three ring-bound, and were laid out on some primitive computer most likely ; reprints are in the shape of small booklets. However, they are also extremely dense gamelordz material and more material. Secondly, the artwork by Janet Trautvetter, if amateurish, is full of character and a human warmth that is missing from RPG art; her depiction of sensibly dressed fighting women is a particular plus.

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