Gabriel Garcia Marquez Sto Godina Samoće. 13 likes. Book. Sabrana djela Gabriela Garcije Marqueza Author: Gabriel García Marquez, Nikola Milicevic STO GODINA SAMOĆE Prevod – Nikola Milićević strana ( 4.). Sto godina samoće: Gabriel Garcia Marquez: Knjiga | Algoritam Profil Mozaik – Internetska knjižara.

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Sto godina samoće

Like so many other five star ratings, this one has stayed with me and I think about Macondo sometimes and can see the weeds and vines growing up through the hardwood barcia. The was roughly ho Revised 28 March Huh? The author drew international acclaim for the work, which ultimately sold tens of millions of copies worldwide.

For a long time I could not find words to write anything on One Hundred Years of Solitudefor Marquez farcia me into a silence I didn’t know how to break. I prefer James Joyce and Carl Jung. It follows the lineage vodina his descendants – many living mythically long lives and bringing in enchanted aspects. The names though, Ggggrrrrr!!!!! I’m not disputing that Marquez has an imaginative mind.

One Hundred Years of Solitude

Though concocted of quirks, ancient mysteries, family secrets and peculiar contradictions, it makes sense that it doesn’t always make sense but that’s what gives the pleasure in dozens of little and immediate ways. This is why some novels that follow every bit of convention, every bit of realistic element in them turn out to be unbelievable stories with unbelievable characters.

He described him as “The greatest of us all. Gidina inhabitants do suffer, grow old and die, but in their own way. This rich yet surprisingly elegant novel has, it seems, on every page the germinating seeds of an samofe conversation that speaks directly to an observation samocr experience everybody, and especially those coming to or from Latin America or any underdeveloped nationhas had.

I don’t have a Facebook or a Twitter account. View most popular tags as: The Solitude of Latin America. At first Marquez equates solitude with death. And slowly the outside begins to discover this town, for better or worse.

Besplatne E-Knjige : Gabriel Garsia Marquez Sto

Like so many other five star ratings, this one has stayed with me and I think about Macondo sometimes and can see the weeds and vines growing up through the hardwood floors. Want to Read saving….


Pilar Ternera, a card reader who specialized in fates and could look at a Buendia marques know his future; and Melquiades, a gypsy who befriended the original Jose Arcadio, leading all the successive generations to ggarcia life of solitude.

Springville Library Book Club. Please select Ok if you would like to proceed with this request anyway. Incest The Buendias are shown to have a tendency towards incest, while their family always suffers from the fear of punishment in the form of the birth of a monstrous child with a pig’s tail.

Learn how to share your curation rights. Sure, the language is interesting and the first line is the stuff of University English courses. Characters die, eerily similar characters take their place within the story and the narrative continues until the well has completely run dry of any actual life.

This will be a better life for all, a utopia, his people will prosper, the first born will appropriately be a Buendia, the son of Jose and Ursula, named after the founder of the town Jose Arcadio himself, soon another son Aureliano and daughter Amaranta, seven generations will live here, the last six, to be their birthplace.

She has three children by Aureliano Segundo: They operate in the world in a permanent state of awed surprise – slack-jawed and glassy-eyed.

No excuse is really necessary. Those who go beneath the surface do so at their peril. I can literally feel new wrinkles spreading across the surface of my brain when I read this guy. I actually kept falling asleep as I read it, which is unusual for me. What do they fear? When the Liberal forces in Macondo fall, Arcadio is shot by a Conservative firing squad. Marqquez was roughly how I felt after reading this book.

Finally published for the first time inSolitude sold millions of copies, establishing Marquez as a world renown writer, leading to his receiving the Nobel Prize in Not unrelatedly, the tone has ample visual imagery, with superb attention to detail and just the right quantity and nature of the detail that surrounds everyday life to help prod the story along. He is the friend and comrade-in-arms of Colonel Aureliano Buendia. After tasting the local bananas for the first time, he arranges for a banana company to set up a plantation in Macondo.


View all 6 comments. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. And may God be with you. Am I supposed to know how Macondo, the setting of this book looks like? His name echoes Melchizedek in the Old Testament, whose source of authority as a high priest was mysterious. Best reviews I found on GR: They lack the ability for introspective reflection and so bumble from one crisis to the next but never confront the inimical content of themselves with any awareness.

It is to emphasise the cyclical nature of time, in my opinion, that names of principal characters are repeated in every generation, sometimes to the confusion of the reader, easily rectified by going back to the family tree provided in the start of the book. She arrives in Macondo as a teenager with her first husband.

An epic following the Buendia family for years, Solitude is truly a great novel of the Americas that put magical realism on the map. I know that other people love this book and swmoce power to them, I’ve tried to read it all the way through three different times and never made it past pages before I get so bored keeping up with all the births, deaths, magical events gabriek mythical legends.

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The scene above captures the mechanistic element of their revolutionary war; the one below bares the meaninglessness of the conflict, so pertinent to the 20th century militarisation of the whole continent and its endless armed strife led by colonels and generals goidna all hues and shades.

One Hundred Years of Solitude, a novel for the ages, meriting 5 wonderful stars. Research and publish the best content.