FS2Crew PMDG NGX “Button Control” Tutorial. Flight The following is a very basic guide designed to help new FS2Crew NGX users. The following is a very basic guide designed to help new FS2Crew NGX users make a simple flight from A to B using Button Control. The tutorial does not cover . FS2Crew PMDG NGX “Voice Control” Tutorial The following is a very basic guide designed to help new FS2Crew NGX.

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FO will call 70 knots. Quick Tutorial of EX-C The flow shows the actions for the captain and fist officer.

FS2Crew iFly 737NG Flow

A video is also available on the FS2Crew website showing how to perform the oxygen test. So, I’m not sure if the format of the wave is what’s causing problems.

FO flows excluded to save space and allow you to focus on flying!!! Hello, adding custom sounds to FS2Crew is not possible.

Run the Descent Checklist. Cruise to Descent Checklist: Your name will appear in the signature area and the Fuel Sheet will then tutroial close. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Several seconds later the Engineer will contact you to tell you that the doors are closed.

Tutorial for custom sounds in FS2CRew? – Airbus General – AEROSOFT COMMUNITY SERVICES

Make the appropriate selection. Set the TO Trim after the engineer clears you to pressurize. Perhaps I need to resample it or something. Press the Main Button to call for each flap selection like you did in the climb. Just to add that Volume 1 of the manual which ofcourse everyone reads contains a complete list of all tuyorial cockpit crew ” sounds “.


During the taxi, you may experience some tutkrial graphical glitches in FSX: You could use them since Voice and Button follow the same procedures.

Just to clear it up the ‘main’ button also opens the secondary panel which has the config menus. You may hear the marker beacon beeping sound when you do this because FS2Crew uses the marker beacon ident switch to control to the Secondary Button.

The aircraft already has the correct fuel load for the flight. When finished talking to the Engineer, the FO will automatically challenge you on the first Shutdown Checklist item. Cruise mode then becomes active.

FSX FS2Crew NGX 737 PMDG Mini Tutorial

Classified, Want, Swap Ads. Sign in Already have an account? Use the Main Button to respond and complete the Shutdown checklist. Found 63 files 7 pages Jump to page: When climbing through feet above the runway, press the Secondary Button to command the FO to engage the autopilot.

Value for V2 is indicated on the Flight Planning Page. Do not alter selections on the PB Panel. The clickspot is located on the little screw located to the left of the Autothrottle Arm switch. See the Main Ops manual for more info.


I will try again tonight and report back. Hold down the right mouse button to move the tiller to the right. FO will make a PA and turn on the Seatbelt sign. This is very important! Try to get set-up early. You do not need to own FS2Crew to use this tutorial. Graham K Jackson Size: You can easy try different voices in the airbus config settings. Sometimes, the file format might be an issue.

End of Quick Start Tutorial Page 7. You can drag the Main Selector Panel to any location you like. He will also tutoorial you to pressurize.

Wait about 30 seconds to give the Ground Crew time tutoriap clear the area around the aircraft. Arm the Auto Throttle.

Main and Secondary Buttons – FS2CREW: PMDG NGX REBOOT – The AVSIM Community

Make sure the takeoff trim is in the green band. Next, press the Secondary Button to announce to the FO that the ground equipment is clear on the left. Donate to our annual general fund. Share this tutoria, Link to post Share on other sites. Sign In Sign Up. Images related to this file: Quick Tutorial on Beam FSX now requires that all applications, including gauge files, be code signed.