HYDROCONFORT CONDENSATION 20 kW L de à There are 14 Bobine électrovanne modulante Réf. F3AA FRISQUET. Installation chaudière Frisquet Hydroconfort Condensation Visio. Project Year: Project Cost: EUR 5, – EUR 10, Country: France. Zip Code: Optimized condensation for even more savings Every effort has been made Gas boiler / wall-mounted / condensing HYDROCONFORT: kW FRISQUET .

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The latter has 5 classes: It has no spots or other containment areas where damaging corrosion is very likely to develop. From design to manufacture, every detail of our products is conceived and checked by our teams. Your answer to the rating from. Every discharge of water is detected at once, triggering the burner at full power.

Gas boiler / wall-mounted / condensing HYDROCONFORT: kW | Contact FRISQUET

The pulse command is completely vacation, date, time, hot water programme, safe and does not affect the boiler’s special information. Find your suppliers Complete your request and let our teams find you the best deals available. Demand for quality, first of all, because our products are manufactured entirely in our own factories in France. Experience shows that smaller capacity tanks 40, 50 or 60 litres quickly reach their limit and run out.


Head protection Industrial safety: It has an unparalleled variability, from 4.

Gas Boilers Frisquet Condensing EN

From design to production, close attention is paid at every stage. More by this publisher Share Embed Add to favorites Comments. Adjustable, with a full, factory-fitted system so it can be adapted to suit requirements, the mixed-version PRESTIGE condensing boiler offers high quality hot water at a standard output rate of An exclusive, CE-certified system solution.

It is also the only, mixed, floor-standing boiler that combines 3-star instant hot water production with high efficiency.

It sends the information back to the boiler by radio, with no interference. It provides significant, very obvious extra flow.

Safety and security Industrial safety: Subcontracting Mechanical engineering subcontracting Metallurgy subcontracting Mechanics, hydraulics and pneumatics subcontracting Subcontracting electronics Electrical engineering subcontracting Informatics subcontracting Industry subcontracting Logistics subcontracting Climate control subcontracting Environment subcontracting. Continual unit and factory testing Our production plant is in Meaux France. Initial temperature sensor 4.

All the technologies we develop are immediately incorporated as part of the standard product, never as an option. Hand protection Industrial safety: Indoor unit containing radio part, protected inside the dwelling, with V supply so batteries do not have to be changed if access is awkward. One of these circuits is supplied as it it were a “single-circuit heating system”. Our brand’s reputation has been built on this demand for quality ever since our family business was established in Gas consumption rises if they are not carried out.


Cookies ensure the proper functionning of our sites and services. Visio control panel 8. Ours were the only customers able to benefit from this essential safety device for five years. These feature are necessary in order to be sure of providing generous amounts of hot water. It is also a boiler respectful of the environment with its low NOx rate of It receives the comfort levels programmed by the user and ensures that the ambiance is correct.

This extra flow rate provides additional comfort for 1. It allows a continuous delivery of heat at precisely the right temperature calculated by the digital controller in the boiler.

Network controller – M7. All of our passion and energy goes into this. This optimises heat exchange and eliminates local overheating caused by the burner power. Even slight scaling of 0.

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The satellite’s batteries last 3 years. Our economic independence has allowed us to create a strong business culture.

There are two possible solutions for the others: