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Fratres by Arvo Pärt is one of my favourite pieces of music. The analytical meets the aesthetical as Pärt takes us on a meditative, harmonical. This one note, or a moment of silence, comforts me. I work with very few elements – with one voice, with two voices. I build with the most. Arvo Part’s Fratres and his. Tintinnabuli Technique. By Rade Zivanovic. Supervisor. Knut Tønsberg. This Master‟s Thesis is carried out as a part of the education.

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But I think that he was thinking in harmony, melody, and voice-leading. I heard Fraters for a choir in Tallinn, Part’s native city, a few weeks back with the master present – it was sublime. But this circle contains fourteen notes rather than seven, so the middle voice does not play its own retrograde in the second half like the low and high voices do. As mentioned, the middle voice will only play notes from the A minor triad. I hope Lukas from Prague doesn’t read this last sentence about how my former favorite version was the one for male voices and cellos by the Schola Gregoriana Pragensis.

Both these journeys begin at the indicated note, e. I’ve been listening – 3 times now! I’ve been returning to this page for a couple of years now, and I point it out to other people on a regular basis, too.

Within each segment half, three voices combine to play a sequence of chords. I think that the “circular” step-wise fratfes is an effect, not a cause. The highest virtue of music, for me, lies outside of its mere sound. The following picture illustrates the refuges and segments as a terribly long pedestrian crossing.


The high and low voices, however, play notes from the harmonic D minor scale. Now just complete the arpeggios: Alas, three doesn’t divide seven, so we’re forced to have some sort of assymmetry in this circle.

Arvo Pärt: Fratres

The drones, A and E, are obviously only playing notes from the A minor triad. What is it, this one thing, and how do I find my way to it? But these constraints alone will not be enough to guide the middle voice, so instead we devise a new circle containing the three possible notes:. Then, if they are the inquisitive, puzzle-solving type of person, they will try to understand the patterns rationally as well.

This basically means that some voices are restricted to playing notes from a particular triad in Fratres this is the A minor triadwhile other voices play melodies. This is possible using the basic principle of the tintinnabuli technique, where the musical material does not necessarily have to be tied to the timbre of a specific instrument. After a fratrez, though, they start to unconsciously recognize some of the patterns in the music. Someone else, I believe, is saying that the synthetic timbres match the “unworldly chord progressions”, well, that is just fratrss how I feel about it.

We can clearly recognise three voices: It has been used in numerous movie soundtracks and dance shows. I just want to extend my heartfelt thanks for this beautiful rendition of Fratres. Aprt people who listen to Fratres find it repetitive or even boring fdatres first.


Maybe its just the diagram that’s wrong This instant and eternity are struggling within us. Why four consecutive C: Very good mathematical description. The three notes of a triad are like bells. What a truly breathtaking composition! Do you know something about the religious sense? The high voice starts at E and is transposed one octave further up.

Arvo Pärt: Fratres | Great Noise Ensemble

This is an interesting analysis. That is what the remainder of this article will focus on.

As a physicist, I relish in illuminating to non technical people how mathematics and art are so enmeshed. But – in the diagram for the middle voice, wouldn’t there be one less ‘A’ in the very top of the circle – otherwise the falling half of the first segment would be A-A for the middle voice, when frtres clockwise?

I came here as a result of this thread on reddit: I hear it in a concert at Lent. In my dark hours, I have the certain feeling that everything outside this one thing has no meaning.

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If we did that, then the middle voice would end up playing C natural at the same time as another voice would be playing C sharp.