We demystify the seduction technique called fractionation seduction, explaining the theory behind it & some practical examples of how it is used. Fractionation Seduction Examples. By Steven Farquhar. Do you want to know what that miracle dating technique is that every guy has been talking about. For example, most of the guys who know how to use mind control to seduce women would rather keep this technique to themselves obviously.

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Because you know, all serial killers seem to be pretty nice and happy on the outside.

Comments Can Fractionation be used in long distance relationships? In my short encounter with him, he taught me about this technique called fractionation. Think of smoking or your favourite food: The truth is that very much like hypnosis, this happens quite often in daily life.

How To Seduce Women Using The One Sentence Fractionation

Because you will engage her in a deep conversation, she will forever remember it and she will see you as one of a kind. However, on one of the subsequent meetings he would suddenly start to warm up to you. Next, ask sexuction to tell you about something that made her sad or afraid. This will overwhelm any resistance she has to getting physical, and will generate some deep emotional feelings of connection and desire.


I feel like this has helped me a lot to consider. Download the Fractionation Action Checklist here.

Examples of Seducing Conversation

Truth is fractionation is a common method which you will recognize if given a few examples. If you can share personal information with her, she will be more attracted to you. However, you must not use any insulting language. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be fracrionation.

Here are a couple of examples where you might have encountered Fractionation in your everyday life. Your seduction game must not end at the first date you have with a woman. Now, remember here that the actual content of suggestion is irrelevant. It was a watershed moment for the then sduction Pickup Artist community.

Since when is feminist stuff evil? But the good news is that you can help yourself. Make her work for your attention and act aloof.

People who are easily offended by the true nature of humans and in particular, women should just fractionatiom this site and go read some Mills and Boon novel.

So, clap those palms in front of your mirror and remind yourself of this one single fact: There are several things you need to work on: In fact, many of my clients use Fractionation scripts to rekindle old romances, or to get their ex girlfriends or wives back. Speaking as a single woman immersed in the dating culture, I promise you, women are hoping for the same things you are.


Do you know why she loves this world of fantasy? One minute, act aloof and in the next, express how excited you are to be with her. The only place you can find the full Fractionation technique and all of its variants time-based Fractionation, location-based Fractionation, one sentence Fractionation, Fractionation 2. Can you offer me any advice or at least point me towards someone who can?

Fractionation Seduction Examples For Rapid Attraction

Ask any woman what they like and she will tell you that she likes honesty and feeling good around you. So, before you continue with the rest sedkction this guide, watch this short video prepared by Fredo Hill, a long-standing devotee of the Shogun Method on how Mind Control techniques such as Fractionation can be used to manipulate women in a positive way, and not to hurt them:.

You should make her earn your attention by acting nonchalant.

Be confident and ask as many questions about her as possible. Um, last time I checked, we were living in a patriarchal system where being a straight man is considered the default. B efore you go all out and use Fractionation on that special woman that you want to seduce, fractionatioh this in mind: