My initial impression of floor plan manager was that standard FPM ABAP Web Dynpro’s provided by SAP such as ESS/MSS (fite_vc*) are really good and. What is FPM? Floorplan Manager (FPM) is a Web Dynpro ABAP application that provides a framework for developing new Web Dynpro ABAP application. Goals Developing and configuring Web Dynpro ABAP applications that are based on the Floor Plan Manager (FPM) framework Audience Developers of Web .

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Fpk click on window name as shown below and select embed view. Just click on TEST. It happens with several of them. February 25, at Thank you and appreciate your effort. Now add a UI element say text view here.

Tutorial on floor plan manager using OIF FPM in WD4A – Sapignite

It seems like there should be a control bar that allows stop and start of the playback. Next in the series: Permalink Mar 26, Permalink Oct 15, This tutorial will show you how to make UIBBs transient in their behavior.


And there is a lot of good info in the wrb You can use this feature, when a serious error occurs and the application should be closed. Hi Rahul Thanks for the example.

Please let me know what code you have written and getting that error. Thanks for your post! I have tried in Internet Explorer and Chrome.

Not the whole list content is requested from the feeder at once but only the data that is needed at a certain time. It will add the group1 under Form and you can name it.

We need to figure out which application configuration is getting called at run time. March 4, at 8: Give the name for wweb window and save it.

A Step-by-Step guide to create a simple FPM application using Feeder Class for FORM GUIBB

This tutorial will show you how to change the layout of your FPM application. WelcomeGuest Login Register.

This will open up a pop up window asking for the name of new configuration, description and package. It will popup a confirmation window before proceeding, press yes to create. The application will display a list of all users currently logged on to the system.


eLearning Tutorials – Floorplan Manager for Web Dynpro ABAP – Web Dynpro ABAP – SCN Wiki

Permalink Oct 12, Select Webdynpro fynpro and enter name of new Zcomponent as shown below and press enter. Permalink Feb 13, December 2, 7 minute read. April 15, at 6: March 13, at 1: Thank You and Kind Regards, Scott.

This tutorial will show you the suspend and resume functionality within the FPM. I’ll get back to you as soon as I do.

You will receive the success message. This tutorial will show you how to create a Tabbed Component Configuration. Open link in a new tab.

Right this is where you reference back to your actual Web Dynpro component i. I am able to view the swf file, but it goes by quickly and there is no means to pause it. Permalink Sep 26,