Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison is a book by the French philosopher Michel Foucault argues that prison did not become the principal form of punishment just because of the humanitarian concerns of reformists. He argues that the public spectacle of torture and execution was a theatrical forum, the. In Discipline and Punish Foucault argued that the human sciences and the history of . Foucault’s governing metaphor of the scaffold as spectacle or theater —. Foucault’s writings on power and control in social institutions have made him one of the modern era’s most influential thinkers. Here he argues that punishment.

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Naissance de la prisonParis: He argues that reformists were unhappy with the unpredictable, unevenly distributed nature of the violence the sovereign would inflict on the convict.

Then set up a personal list of libraries from your profile page by clicking on your user name at the top right of any screen. Ethics and Aestheticsthe first and second parts of a three volume Essential Works of Michael Foucault, were recently published by Penguin.

Discipline, he suggests, developed a new economy and politics for bodies. The Spectacle of the Scaffold by Michel Foucault. It is particularly when violence is employed in an incompetent or sloppy manner that the power of the state and potential for outrage are at their greatest.

Daniel Gray rated it it was amazing Oct 13, You are commenting using your Facebook account. Video technology has drastically increased in the past several decades. In similar circumstances, Johnson is shot in the back as he is attempting to run away. Foucault suggests this individuality can be implemented in systems that are officially egalitarianbut use discipline to construct non-egalitarian power relations:.


An interesting account of the deliverance of justice over the centuries and the psychology behind the different ways justice was executed no pun intended. Here he argues that punishment has gone from being mere spectacle to becoming an instrument of systematic domination over individuals in society – not just of our bodies, but Foucault stresses the exactitude with which torture is carried out, and describes an extensive legal framework in which it operates to achieve specific purposes.

The only weakness of the book was an over analysis of what is the soul which to me seemed repetitive and meandering — though I am sure it probably read better in the original French: Professor Foucault died in Foucault, Michel,author.

This argument feels wonderfully joined up. Zula Metakinesis rated it liked it Jul 23, Similarly, the punishment that followed was about demonstrating the awesome power of the monarch — any crime was a personal insult to the king and his power, so disproportionate punishment was a way of re-establishing that royal authority.

Such barbaric scenes, rather than inspiring fear, create contempt and resentment.

Lists with This Book. The second, ‘The Spectacle of the Scaffold’ looks at such presentation and the relationship with the watcher, the audience, what public executions are for. The main ideas of Discipline and Punish can be grouped according to its four parts: July Learn how and when to remove fucault template message.


Discipline and Punish – Wikipedia

The Spectacle of the Scaffold. Thus, prisons, and specifically those that follow the model of the Panopticon, provide the ideal form of modern punishment.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The Panopticon was the ultimate realization of a modern disciplinary institution. One has only to point out so many precautions to realize that capital punishment remains fundamentally, even today, a spectacle that must actually be forbidden Foucault Interesting observations on what formed the real motivations behind capital punishment and torture as punishment that over three decades later are still interesting to ponder in the context say of what wikileaks is revealing about Iraq.

#60 Michel Foucault – The Spectacle of the Scaffold

Perhaps the most important feature of the panopticon was that it was specifically designed so that the prisoner could never be sure whether they were being observed at any moment. In particular, his choice as a perfect prison of the penal institution at Mettray helps personify the carceral system.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Throughout history, some books have changed the world. While there are many observations pertinent to this subject they are scattered under different headings due to the alternate nature of his project.