The department had launched an online application for CST forms. to respective MVAT Return Forms, like Form , , , , & Form III E under the. New Forms under Maharashtra Value Added Tax (MVAT) annexures and returns in Form , Form , Form , Form , Form and. Single revised return for year onwards under MVAT Act (3) This Workbook also consists of Return Forms Viz., Form, ,

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VAT Forms for Maharashtra in Excel / Word

Cash sales or sales to consumer can be shown aggregated under transaction code To display the list of transactions of sales returns.

In such circumstances, whether dealer makes the payment subsequently is liable mvag interest as well as late fee? Foorm display the list mgat purchase returns Select Purchase Returns. Displays the count of sales order, purchase order, job work in order and job work out order vouchers as VAT is not applicable while placing an order. Displays the count of all vouchers that have the mandatory information in corresponding masters and transactions to comply with requirements of filing returns.

Saving the Return as Revised. Unless the late fee is paid, return shall not be allowed to upload. Secondly, if there is wrong mention of form type in payment made for overall payment for that period is done then what action is proposed?

Whether there will be auto mechanism of giving credit of such tax, as there is no column in Sales Tax Return? VAT dealers who are also in the business of executing works contracts, leasing and dealers opting for composition only for part flrm the activity of the business. The team is also responsible for giving the update as earliest and also give the timely reply to the quires asked by the visitors.


In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Namely the subsequent period for which dealer has not yet uploaded the return e.

Any date within the annexure period is allowed. Developer can insert an amount of unclaimed set-off. The other parts can be filled manually — only the sales and purchase part of it would need to be automated. Purchases of taxable goods either local or inter-State against certificate in ,vat ‘H’.

In formworks contract sales are not allowed to be disclosed. Adjustment of CST payable as per return for this period to be adjusted against the Excess Credit if any as per Form Mvag explain how it will be shown in sales and purchase annexure.

Therefore, in such cases also, set off cannot be disallowed in accordance with new scheme of returns. Moot question is how should the purchaser claim set-off? Amount already paid Details to be entered in Box 10E.

The final copy of all Returns uploaded would be available in dealer fork for viewing and downloading. Mvah, if the customer has registration in more than one state and the bill to and ship to state of same customer differs, which TIN should we use? In such case payment details cannot be put in a single challan. The clarification provided in Trade Circular 7T of is applicable only in case of goods return claim from registered dealer.

Kindly guide the procedure to be followed in above mentioned situation. This makes it difficult for a dealer to identify 2231 correct the error and accordingly takes more time to key in the details and validate the forms.


VAT Form (Maharashtra)

The assessable value and tax amount for gross value, rejections and adjustments are displayed by enabling this option. In case where a single revised return for the year under clause b or c is to be filed, then only the transactions which are to be modified are to be entered in the annexures. To view all the sales transactions 1. After uploading draft return shall be displayed with zero values. ITC would not be disallowed on account of non-payment of tax by the Selling dealer by due date.

Under such circumstances there is no necessity to revise the return. Since, this will automatically get covered in branch transfer code Payment vouchers recorded with tax ledger predefined with tax types – VAT or CST, appear under this exception when the Stat Payment feature is not used. Form and Further, in future we correct the bills short booked if found that supplier rate was correct, in this situation there will be mismatch of month. Now under such circumstances, for this period the dealer has to show deduction of set-off after claiming the set-off on sales which are eligible for set-off.

What safeguards are built into the system to ignore such unwarranted mismatches?

These are exceptions that need to be resolved for the vouchers to be included in the returns. The Voucher Mvvat appears as shown below: The employer is not supposed to make TDS.