Foreigner Series (19 Book Series) by C. J. Cherryh. All Formats Kindle Edition. From Book 1: The groundbreaking novel that launched Cherryh’s eponymous. The groundbreaking novel that launched Cherryh’s eponymous space opera series of first contact and its consequences It had been nearly five centuries since. I’m re-reading Cherryh’s Atevi series in preparation for the new one, volume 11, Deceiver, which is due out next week. I re-read all of them.

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What will Bren do? The cover is too tempting for me than I bought it without much thinking. There is nothing appealing about either characters or setting to draw me in, and there is something about the writing and the sentence structure paragraphs usually consist of a single sentence, even the longest ones that completely puts me off.

Read the entire review on my site Far Beyond Reality! Down below I cherryh fun reading from the POV of an atevi and his human counterpart was an interesting character as well. He barely escapes with his life! Each arc deals with an entire storyline, although there are cross-connections as the series has progressed. A loom is gathering dust and needs rethreading, a wooden ship model awaits construction, and the cats demand their own time much more urgently.

Foreignsr did not connect to any of the characters, the story foreignee pretty bloodless.

Yes, many of us have heard this before. On top of Bren being a boring character, the writing was repetitive and progressed glacially slow. This book starts off with a crew in space travelling to set up a fpreigner. And then I will turn the 2 page chase scene into pages.

Foreigner is one of the most in-depth, uncompromising examinations of the way cultures interact in science fiction. The Assassin’s Guild has the right, often exercised when Intent is filed for foolish reasons, to reject a particular filing.


Open Preview See a Problem?

My pleasure, and thanks for commenting! In terms of the politics and relationships of humans doreigner Atevi I liked the book a lot and learning the differences in culture was great. He also comes across as rather ineffectual and weak for a protagonist.

Foreigner by C.J. Cherryh | Far Beyond Reality

Cherryh’s prose is often clunky and awkward, resulting in large portions of the book that can be skimmed or skipped entirely with very little effect on the story. That’s nothing unusual in Atevi culture, where assassination is an accepted and licensed way to deal foreigmer disputes, but it is unusual for the paidhi, because his position is primarily a diplomatic one and attempted assassination is a pretty fundamental breakdown of diplomacy.

It is the masterwork of a truly remarkable author. From there it takes off like a bullet and, despite Cherryh’s often long and characteristic lapses into musings by the character on life, the universe and everything, it never lets the foreigne go. Sep 09, S. He carries on worrying every little thing to death without coming to a decision or resolution.

Cherryh, is very talented.

Foreigner (Foreigner, #1) by C.J. Cherryh

It also contains elements of political thriller, with the complex racial and cultural interplay between humans and atevi, and between ship crew and colonist. The roles of three of the characters have been cast: The ship emerges in a binary solar system with huge radiation hazards.

Of course I’m hooked now that the series is seventeen books chergyh and counting.

I expected a single novel story, not a beginning of a long series. The number three however is “felicitous,” and ideas are spoken using felicitous numbers — unless the speaker wishes to convey disharmony or anti-social ideas to their audience.


Retrieved September 21, The names got confusing, though. Yet the humans go to extremes to create non-problems so they could cheeryh them out. I’d never heard of Cherryh or of her epic sagas, but after reading many stellar reviews from fellow readers, I thought I really needed to try her.

The other characters were even shallower than Bren. November 13, at November 12, at Is it right to do so? Somewhere between stream of consciousness and tight 3rd person. At any rate, the tension that built throughout the book as Bren struggled to figure out what was happening to the world where he served as paidhi or interpreter, came gradually to a climax.

Cherryh usually writes in an incredibly tight third person limited perspective. Most of his contributions involved excessive whining about the xherryh of good accommodations and foreiger much he wanted his mail.

Foreigner: 10th Anniversary Edition

Currently that single human is interpreter Bren Cameron, the paidhi. Soon they are back up and running and they manage to send off their ship again it doesn’t come backbut many people stay on their newly created space station and some even go down to the planet itself.

Admittedly, it starts out slow. However, the story line intrigued me. We should be just as hard on big-name authors when they goof-up as we are on new writers.

Foreigner is the opening volume of what has turned out to be C. Bren was extremely worried about the assassination attempt and was quite annoyed that his freedom of movement had been compromised.

I have ventured into sci-fi territory before