For My Legionaries has ratings and 16 reviews. No said: If this doesn’t move you, nothing & Quotes:Corneliu Zelea Codreanu (AKA The Cap. Corneliu Zelea Codreanu FORMY LEGIONARIES This PDF-document has . My father had been recalled into the military for the last two years and left with the. Jan 11, This book is the autobiography of Codreanu. It presents his spiritual and political beliefs as well as the history and struggles of the Romanian.

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The nationalists formed a ‘Guard ffor the National Conscience’. The passing of Romanian riches into the hands of the Jews does not only mean the Romanians’ economic dependence or the political one-for, whoever has lefionaries economic freedom, has no political freedom-but it means more: These officials are supported, flattered, showered with gifts, co- opted in administrative councils, paid by the month by the judalc economic power Judas was paid but once ; their lust for money is roused, they are urged on to luxury and vice, and when disobeying Jewish directives and stances, are purely and simply thrown out even though they be cabinet ministers.

Gavanescul’s “The Imperative of the Historic Moment,” these immortal lines: The nation has its roots like those of correanu tree deep in the country’s soil whence it derives its nourishment and life.

For My Legionaries

Will he have to suffer? Sevastos The procession Opinia “The Opinion”October 26, To the appeal of the ‘Guard of the National Conscience,’ the honorable clergy placed at the disposal of the demonstrators, their beards, vestments, and cburcb banners. No logic in the world will teii me that I should die for the infraction committed by others.


Nicholas the Poor of the old Moldavian nobility has totally collapsed; and over the tombs around it the Jewish eating places discard even today their slop, garbage and refuse. The university, traditionally nationalistic sincebecame a nest of anti-Romanianism. As I have said, ckdreanu of the student leadership in Bucharest were inclined toward this propensity.

FOR MY LEGIONARIES by Corneliu Zelea Codreanu | Blurb Books

This was the first meeting of the young intellectuals of a people who had been up to then scattered to the four winds by destiny and misfortune. Thousands of students in meeting after meeting in which Bolshevism was propagated, attacked Army, justice, Church, Crown. But what do you expect from a fascist manifesto. With your weapons you have carved for eterni ty the country’s borders.

Since the spring of the previous year, 1 92 1, in Cernau ti there had begun stirrings around the Romanianization of lsgionaries theater. Political Economy establishes that Jews have lived in all times, even in Palestine, as a superimposed people over other nations, exploiting their labour, themselves not being direct producers.

There is only the nest and the individual member is part of a nest. The only dor I really have is on the publisher’s behalf. So that whoever controls the towns controls the means of subsistence, the wealth of a nation.

Such an attitude on the part of the professors who considered “barbarous” any nationalistic idea or note, resulted in the total disorientation of the students, some openly supporting Bolshevism, others – the greater part – saying: He had left for Bucharest together with Professor Sumuleanu legionzries my father to attend a meeting in the capital. You are a perjurer, because you had sworn on something you did not believe in and now you break thatoath.

This press disseminates anti-national theories, weakening faith in their nation and legionariies them from their country’s land, of their Iove for it, land that was at aii past times an urge to battle and sacrifice. A problem of great conscience posed itself for us.


Matt Parrott reviews Codreanu’s For My Legionaries | Counter-Currents Publishing

Mar 24, Iuli rated it it was ok. I could not fmd Professor Cuza. The elevation of peasantry through land reform and political rights 3. We who were fighting each other but yesterday, were now embracing. This is an epic saga. I see they are not afraid, but they are nevertheless well-behaved. For myself, in my poverty and with my poor powers, I defend myself against an assault as best I can – by the printed word if I can; with the aid of authorities, if they are still Romanian; by word, if someone listens; by force, as a last resort, and if everybody keeps quiet.

Perhaps as a man who, walking down the street with his worries and thoughts, surprised by the fire which consumes a house, takes off his coat, jumping to the aid of those engulfed by flames.

God gave each people a definite territory to live in, grow in and on which to develop and create its own culture. But it had been two months. What is this madman going to do, how do I know? The news of our attitude flashed through codreanh town like lightning, yet the strike continued.

They placed themselves in towns, forming within them real islands of compact Jewish populations.