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For My Legionaries has ratings and 16 reviews. No said: If this doesn’t move you, nothing & Quotes:Corneliu Zelea Codreanu (AKA The Cap. Corneliu Zelea Codreanu FORMY LEGIONARIES This PDF-document has . My father had been recalled into the military for the last two years and left with the. Jan 11, This book is the autobiography of Codreanu. It presents his spiritual and political beliefs as well as the history and struggles of the Romanian.

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Brother peasants, The God of our parents took mercy on our suffering and gave us as bountiful a year as was rarely seen. When everywhere the church is being separated from the state, remaining the private concern of every individual, in our country the nationalists appeal to the clergy for organized religious propaganda of principie Zarojeanu, 40 Muzelor St.

Summer Semester, according legionaeies denomination: It first manifested itself in Cluj, the heart of that Transylvania which took a stand any time the nation experienced an impasse, then almost concomitantly it violently erupted in all other university centers.

The passing of Romanian riches into the hands of the Jews does not only mean the Romanians’ economic dependence or the political one-for, whoever has no economic freedom, has no political freedom-but it means more: The customary priests also came But we kept on, straight and determined.

In only two weeks, over 40 flags had been issued in 40 counties, to trustworthy people. The perseverance he and Codreanu was clearly a patriot, with the only thing bigger than his love for the country being his selflessness. Get to Know Us. If the Life of Christ was the figure by which the Legionary strived legionqries emulate, so too his Martyrdom was readily accepted, and that was the culmination cosreanu the life of Codreanu.


Full text of “For My Legionaries: The Iron Guard”

We see the administration of this country Moldaviathen the boyars, particularly Constantin Moruzi, desperately defending themselves againstthem. This is an autobiographical book in which Corneliu Zelea Codreanu expressed his political and spiritual ideaology as well as explained the struggles and persecution of his Legionary movement in Romania.

I opined that the rally should be held as soon as possible for the following reasons: For one cannot strike the sacred beliefs of a people or what their heart loves and respects, without hurting them to the depths and without blood dripping from their wound.

This moment of brotherhood in the same faith and of pledging to fight for our Christian country against the cheating Iudaic hordes, will never be forgotten.

Regarding the first point, the biggest difficulty was not the lack of men or lack of organization, or the government’s measures. There is only the nest ofr the individual member is part of a nest. There, in the midst of the misery in which the German people struggled, I was impressed by the spirit of discipline, the capacity for labor, sense of duty, correctitude, power of resistance, and the faith in better days.

This began to run; the strike had failed. The National Defense Party, as in France. To what extent is it civilized to set fire leginoaries churches or to transform them into cabarets? We have been able to band together in fpr past, like at the Battle of Vienna, so we must do it again.


For My Legionaries

I climbed up a fire escape holding a tricolor flag between my teeth. As you can see, this is a very simple explanation as well as an extremely naive one: Romania’s answer to Mein Kampf.

I cite these examples as reported by a great, recognized, and uncontested scientific authority, to clarify the start of Jewish settlements on Romanian soil. I fail to see your point. The military could only defend the flag, it could not make the plant leigonaries.

For My Legionaries by Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

And to this day they have not issued it. I fmish my third university year under the imperium of these thoughts.

Your oratory should be deeds, not words. In this fashion the fate of a people is given into the hands of a caste of bankers.

No day passed without venom being poured into our hearts from each page. How many tears did we all shed!

If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? I think of you as I write. They knew what they were doing. Theology establishes that the Jewish religion is an exclusivist religion, based on the special covenant made between their God, Yahweh, and the Jews considered as a chosen, sacred am codes people, apart from other peoples.