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Army Helicopter Internal Load Operations (FM ) [Department of the Army ] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Field Manual provide extensive information about FM ( ). FM PREFACE. This manual will assist personnel who perform helicopter internal load missions. It will familiarize them with.

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The method used depends upon whether or not the cargo has tie-down provisions.

As previously described, the L pallet is inches wide by 88 inches long with a maximum cargo weigh capacity of 10, pounds. Do not plan an internal cargo mission without direct coordination with the supporting avia- tion unit.

Towing bridles are used as points of attachment for the winch cable hook on nonpowered items of equipment whose physical characteristics make it impractical to manhandle them into the helicopter.

The Cm Blackhawk is a twin-turbine-engine, single-rotor helicopter with a tricycle-type landing gear Figure Use tetrachloroethylene only in areas where substantial ventilation is available. The weight and balance of the helicopter must be checked by the procedures given in this chapter.

Align the indents along the inch dimension or each pallet. They must be included in the total weight of the vehicle. If night resupply is scheduled, a larger area is normally needed. CAUTION The 10,pound capacity tie-down fittings must be screwed into the threaded receptacles to full depth to achieve their rated capacity. Stagger the inspections, that is, fk every 6-month period.

Obtain a smaller angle of ap- proach by using longer boards rather than shorter boards. The spacers are used to keep the pallets aligned and properly spaced so that they will lock into the aircraft’s rail systems. Compute restraint criteria for each aircraft to counter the maximum amount of force or thrust that cargo can be expected to exert against tie-downs under operating conditions.


Army Helicopter Internal Load Operations (FM 55-450-2)

If the cargo to be tied down as one load is less than 2, pounds, determine the mini- mum number of tie-down devices required. A tie-down device placed around an item of cargo will provide restraint equal to the 55-450- strength of the device in the direction it prevents the cargo from moving.

Determine the CB by placing that load onto a pipe and centering the cargo until 555-450-2 balances, then mark your Co. Enter Your 55-45-02 Address. These include explosives, flammable liquids and solids, oxidizers, corrosive materials, compressed gases, poisons, irritating materials, etiologic agents, and radioactive materials. The cargo 55-540-2 floor has a maximum load limit of psf. The differences among models are engine horsepower, rotor size, and cargo compartment size and configurations.

Extreme care must be taken in applying devices in this manner. The structure limits of the flooring fn a particular aircraft are found in the aircraft operator’s manual. If the original tire footprint is 12 by 6 inches with a formula area of However, in nonpalletized loads, any concentrated cargo heavy object item must be attached to the cargo floor with appropriate tie-down devices before positioning any lighter items of cargo around it.

Again assuming that the shoring is 2 inches thick, the area of weight distribution of the footprint is enlarged propor- tionally by the shoring thickness, whicn will add a 2-inch “border. Always apply an even number of tie- down devices, attached in pairs, for forward and aft restraint Figure In this case, the area of contact has Tbeen more than doubled-an increase of percent.

In 5-5450-2 vehicular tread area, the maximum allowable floor loading is 1, psf. H, M, and V. The tine tips can easily damage the pallet surface rendering it unusable. The inch side should be positioned across the handling system so that the inch side is on the ramp guide rail.

It has a 2,pound lift capacity. Four fittings are interposed along both outboard rows of 5,pound capacity fittings, spaced at intervals of 80 inches from station to station The selection of a usable PZ or LZ is extremely important.


The most important part 5-5450-2 the mission is prior planning. Do not force with added leverage. Its mission includes transporting troops, cargo, or patients. Clevis, shackle screw pinNSN After applying the tie-down devices required for minimum restraint, check the load to determine if additional tie-down devices are FM required to prevent the load from shifting.

The length of this ribbon the width of the tire then becomes important in f load distribution. Again, the pathfinders are a great help here.

In the movement of cargo, 5-5450-2 often encounter odd shapes and sizes of cargo that require movement by air. Divide the total moment by the total weight. This chapter also discusses preparing hazardous materials. Sign In Sign Out. They are used for forward and aft restraint and can restrain 15, pounds of cargo in a forward direction at 4 Gs and 40, pounds in an aft direction at 1.

The net system is used NOTE: The greatest rotor wash velocity occurs between 20 to 60 feet outside the rotor disc. Palletize cargo from the heaviest to the lightest.

Pod limitation is 20, pounds. If the skid-mounted cargo will fit on the scale, weigh the whole load to use as your weight figure. fn

FM Army Helicopter Internal Load Operations – Table of Contents

A 3,pound capacity winch is mounted on the floor in the right-hand forward bulkhead. A gas turbine, auxiliary power unit provides hydraulic and 5-5450-2 power for ground operations. Any answer that has a fraction of. Maximum Package Size for Cargo Door.