2 Fluke Corporation / Reference Thermometers www. *See technical manual for sample interval details by sensor type and number of inputs. / Reference. Thermometers. Fluke Corporation. Hart Scientific Division. E. Utah Valley Drive. American Fork, Utah Ph: Your Fluke and thermometer readout is a handheld, battery operated Use this instrument only as specified in this manual, otherwise the protection.

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The warranty period is one year s for the Reference Thermometer. The warranty period begins on the date of the shipment. TC External Reference Junction Figures Figure 1 Locking out non SI units Table 27 Standard Voltage Reference Specification They offer accuracy, portability, and speed for nearly every field calibration application.

Use the proper probes, function and range for your measurement. To attach a ferrite to a probe cable, make a loop in the cable near the connector and clamp the ferrite around half of the loop as shown in the diagram.

Fluke user manual – – Solve your problem

The ferrite can be MyFlukeStore 1. Quick Start Setup 2 Quick Start 2. All specifications assume a five minute warm up period MyFlukeStore 1. Accuracies are based on internal Reference Junction Compensation. Accuracies are based on external reference junction compensation. Probe combination for two Probe Type Channel 1 and 2 Channel 1 and 2 channel 1. For Like Probes only.

Accuracies do not include probe accuracies. Use only the AC adapter supplied with the instrument. The is a single channel instrument and can measure using one probe. The is a dual channel instrument and can measure using two probes simultaneously.

The reference junction is placed in an ice bath or other temperature source that has a precisely known and stable temperature. This technique offers improved accuracy but is less convenient because of the more compli- cated connection scheme and the requirement of a precision temperature source.

Communication Interface section of this manual 3. The probe connector will fit snugly and lock into place when it is fully inserted. The connector includes a memory device that stores the unique char- acteristics of the probe, allowing the instrument to measure temperature accurately. Units are displayed and recorded with temperature read- ings, auxiliary readings, and logged data. In this mode, the resistance in Ohms for the temperature measurement appears on the top of the display.

This op- tion is available when the selected channel is reading PRTs or thermistors. In this mode, the dif- ference or delta between the measurement and a previously stored reference value Base X appears on the top of the display.


Fluke Hart Scientific 1524 Manuals

PC is not required. Data may be gathered in the Demand Log or Auto-Log modes prior to turning on the serial port and uploading the information. The up and down arrow keys allow the user manuql select options within a field indicated by an up and down arrow indicator to the right or left of the field.

The temperature scale is displayed on the vertical axis and is adjustable up to lfuke orders of magnitude. The display range is shown on the left side of the vertical axis and is ad- MyFlukeStore 1. The vertical scale center is calculated automatically and displayed. The graphing function may be used on models and The will al- ways display Channel T1.

This feature is used to start or stop logging sessions. Both the and have a demand log that stores up to 25 read- ings.

The has an Auto-Log that can store up to 15, readings at specified flukw vals. This feature is available in model only. The following are examples of precautions that may be taken: Once the readings are complete, connect the RS cable and upload the data to the personal computer. CR and a new line LF command. If a command with a value of 2 is used on awhich has only one probe, a command error fkuke and the command is ignored. Data Logging Commands — Lower case letters are optional and may be omitted.

Clear the event registers and the error queue. Returns the instrument identification string that indicates the manufacturer, model number, serial number, and firmware version. Set the last calibration date for the specified probe. Defaults to 1 if omitted. If there are no parameters available for the current conversion type, an empty string is returned.

, Technical Guide

The list of parameters depends on the selected conversion type as listed in Table 21 on page This command is protected, which requires a password to set it. If a probe is inserted, the response is 0 if both the channel and the probe are not locked; otherwise 1 if either is locked. DATA query may be used to obtain details of the channel and probe locks. If omitted, offset values for all points are returned, separated by commas.

Return the number of manaul points for the preselected mwnual. The response is the number of calibration points in use. The reference points, 1 to the specified number, must be entered in ascending order. Return the tag number to which the LOG: VAL commands presently apply. Return a value of 1 to 25, or 0 if not set. When only one channel is active, no records are sent for the inactive channel. Return the Auto-Log interval. Returns AUTO, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30, or Numeric intervals are expressed in seconds.

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Delete all entries from the demand log. Send all demand log entries. This example shows the return data.

A single channel, and no flue and date, are shown on the return data. Each data line includes the default or user defined demand log description, the channel number, the primary value and units, and on the the time and date. The example shows the return data.

Serial Commands – Alphabetic Listing The example shows the return data. Each data line includes the default or user defined demand log description, the channel number, the requested value and units, and on the the time and date. Read and clear the Measurement Event Register, indicating whether or not a flukw mea- surement is available to be read.

The bit assignments are the same as for the STATus: Return the present serial port baud rate setting.

The response is the present baud rate setting. This command is only available in the modeland results in a command error if used with the model The default password at time of shipping is Return the SCPI version number. The mxnual shall be familiar with 4 wire and 2 wire resistance connections. Thermometer was calibrated at the factory. The user should adjust their calibration process to meet the needs of their facility and process. The following flow charts sum- marizes the process.

Details on performing each of the tests can be found in the subsequent section of this document. When the calibration process must collect As Found data, the following UUT configu- ration and control settings must remain at their current values until all As Found data has been collected. Query the Ref points by sending the following Command: Query the ADJ values for the range by sending the following Command: The ADJ values will be in order of the manula points queried in the previous flume.

Record the as found alignment parameters. Steps 38 through 42 apply to the only. Proceed to step 43 if using a Query the reading mwnual 2 seconds for 40 readings using the following command: Steps 52 through 56 apply to the only. Proceed to step 57 if using a Manual Calibration Process Record fluek data. Steps 66 through 70 apply to the only.

Proceed to step 71 if using a