Flicker (Rediscovered Classics) [Theodore Roszak] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the golden age of art movies and underground. Jonathan Gates doesn’t set out to uncover the secret history of the movies – a tale of intrigue, deception and death that stretches back to the fourteenth. I had very mixed feelings about Flicker. It’s a great read, with some wonderfully memorable characters and lots of interesting detail about the film world in the.

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It reads like a high-end Davinci Code but is built with both greater complexity and subtlety. He is generally credited with the first use of the term “counterculture”.

A Novel by Paul Auster. From the golden age of art movies and underground cinema to X-rated porn and splatter films and midnight movies, Flicker, is a breathtaking tour de force of cinematic fact and fantasy, a thriller and a metaphysical mystery that will haunt the dreams of every moviegoer. Flicked mystery wasn’t intriguing enough to keep going. The set-up was intriguing — Templar-esque conspiracy has roazak hiding secret subliminal messages in films.

It made me think that movies are not as bad as I once believed, and they might just be the end of us all. God, even The da Vinci Code has stuff happening in it. En route, they drug his coffee and he later awakes, imprisoned on a small tropical island in the Indian Ocean. Mar 08, Peter Landau rated it really liked it.

The book covers the entire career of the protagonist at near breakneck speed but still clocks in at over pages. Additionally, both renowned and obscure Hollywood figures find in our vacant leading man a safe place to deposit mysterious snippets of information about an obscure early film director by the name of Max Castle and his work.

I don’t think this is done on purpose to create a character, either–I get the feeling this is the author’s voice. Theodore Roszak knows film and loves it – the technology, the history, the benchmarks.

If you ignore the sexism and the terrible fake Roth sex scenes, it’s pretty damn good, especially the last two or three chapters. Now republished with added detail and with a film coming, this wonderfully spooky look at Hollywood and film culture offers a reach stretching back to the Catholic Church’s gleefully cruel extermination of the Cathars in the 12th and 13th centures.


I had to quit reading this book when I got to the part about Simon Dunckle and his revolting movies. While the name stuck in my head for some odd reason, I never had any desire to read anything else the man wrote. Item s unavailable for purchase. She introduces him to a Father Angelotti. For sure, a lot of my love of this book in particular is that it’s so willing and able to dive into existing, little-known conspiracy theories and effortlessly incorporate them into a story that traverses decades without feeling too long or overambitious.

Flicker (novel) – Wikipedia

At some point, around pages into this book’s Stephen King-sized length, I stopped being engaged by the story, or existing rozak the book’s world, and just felt like I was talking a walk around the author’s hateful and unsympathetic mind with all throdore self-congratulatory misconceptions and stunted notions of people, movies, and psychology. This Jonathan is not hindered by any personality to speak of, nor has not much in the way of intellect.

This concern, it turns out, was the wrong reaction. Woven into the fiction are true gems of film history and trivia that stretch from the birth of cinema to the s, with appearances by Orson Wells and others. Oct 27, Chloe rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Brian Case, Uncut Magazine.

Kafka Was the Rage. Horror Movies to Savor and Detest. Flickeras a book, is closing in on 25 years old, and yet this book felt far too much like something that was relevant and on-trend today as it may have been when it was written, and that says fllcker lot. Theodore Roszak, who defined s counter-culture, produced Flicker – a Dan Brown-style novel but for thinkers – rozsak back in I instantly recognized roszaj name of the guy who wrote Theodore Roszak, Flicker Summit, It must be twenty-five years ago now I tried to read Theodore Roszak’s novel Bugs.

He’s a curmudgeon I’m blending the author and narrator together, which I think in this case is fair. Crammed to overflowing with film lore and history, Flicker is both a crash course in film theory and a horrifying thriller that makes itself known not through any blood and gore but a very tangible creeping roszk that suffuses nearly every page. A Taste Sweet and Salty.

While his films are nothing special, B movies of the worst sort filmed with little budget and no name actors destined for late night television airings, Gates finds something hidden within the director’s films that points to a talent, and an underlying philosophy, that compels him to search for tehodore source of who Castle was and why his films are still cutting edge works of art over thirty years later.


The Great Movies IV. Please read Steve Erickson’s brilliant Zeroville instead. The entire conceit of a cult B-movie horror director, Max Castle, adumbrating within his forgotten filmography the subliminal strains of a monstrous conspiracy—the evidence for which seeps forth from basement screenings, underground theatres, lusty roezak, and German-accented film crew— Roszak loves film—he’s forgotten more about the movies than I could possibly ever know—and this passion throbs throughout the portions of Flicker that explore the cinematic history of early-modern Hollywood.

Unfortunately Flicker read like the unwanted love child of The Da Vinci Code and a tu I think what appealed to me about the book initially were the similarities between Flicker and one of my favourite books – The Book of Illusions: Every time I see a film, I think for a moment about the implications of his book.

Jul 23, Mehrangez rated it did not like it Shelves: And the interweaving of very real gnostic doctrine with roszzk is artfully accomplished. If, rpszak than setting his tales in French bookstores or secluded Italian monasteries, Umberto Eco focused his paranoia about secret societies on the world of film, Flicker is the book that he would write. To ask other readers questions about Theoforeplease sign up. For its unbelievably self-serving nature, its treatment of female characters as grotty wish-fulfillment, and theovore remarkable absence of substance or plotting, this is a book I can rozsak give one star to.

Gates begins to suspect that the Orphans are using their extensive influence in the film industry to subliminally promote their religion while they enact their plans to bring about the Apocalypse in the year via biological terrorism. The title should be at least 4 characters long. View all 7 comments. Gates and the film director he flicmer idolised use scraps and castoffs from a waste-heap of old celluloid to splice together one final film, while they wait for Armageddon to come.

Also the writing is stilted and prosaic; it’s clear Roszak is an academic, not a real novelist.