Use our free chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis of Bernice Bobs Her Hair. It helps middle and high school students understand F. Scott Fitzgerald’s. Free summary and analysis of the events in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Bernice Bobs Her Hair that won’t make you snore. We promise. Bernice Bobs Her Hair has ratings and reviews. Duane said: Bernice vs Marjorie. Cousin vs cousin. Polite and unassuming Bernice is visiting her.

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There are several moments to enjoy in this story: But fear not, we’re not looking at a heavy-handed Be Yourself lesson here! This is a story about two cousins.

Bernice Bobs Her Hair

The original text was much longer, but Fitzgerald cut nearly words and changed the ending to make the story more attractive to publishers. It’s a sweet story about marriage. Edit Storyline Bernice, a shy young woman, leaves her safe home to go visit her flapper cousin. And yet, five stars also for this short story. Mar 27, K. Edit Cast Credited cast: Use the Jair below. I had read some of Fitsgerald’s stories in school and I liked them but I had yet to get a crack at any of his collections.

Accessed June 21, As good as expected, did not think it would deal with anything like this, I had more social justice female stuff because of bobbing the hair etc, but the ending was great, well deserved, and I hope Bernice learns to love her hair.

But it’s kind of strange because, there seems to be an appreciation for black culture, yet still a racism that was acceptable in Fitzgerald’s time. Bernice is this sad, pathetic, horse-toothed girl who spends fiitzgerald summer with her pretty and popular cousin Marjorie. Short stories by F. What is most fascinating about this story is that at certain points in the story, Fitzgerald has the black characters as more fully hwir that the main characters and he does this all to just switch the rug under you in the end.


And then, there is Bernice bkbs shy, quiet, country cousin who comes to stay once a year. Marjorie is everything city. Which villain would come out on top?

Polite and unassuming Bernice is visiting her narcissistic and snobbish cousin Marjorie. View all 13 comments. Full Cast and Crew. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. May 22, Fawzy rated it really liked it. I’m glad I gave his short stories a chance, I’ll probably read more though I think I’m finally calling it on his novels. I do recommend it to anyone who enjoys this author or likes the classics. This is almost a retarded, racist, loveable, endearing, and crazy, bizarro version of The Great Gatsby before he even wrote a word.

Bernice was indeed hopelessly behind the times when she still bought into the Good Woman guidelines of their mothers’ younger years.

Bernice Bobs Her Hair – Wikipedia

Fitzgerald’s sparkling prose and wit, combined with his rare talent of characterizing petty, flawed, filthy-rich, relatable human beings of the Jazz Age, constantly kept me up at night reading. This is perhaps the only story whose subject matter is as alien to me as Mars but which I had to reread to relive the sheer pleasure of Fitzgerald’s tantalizing pace, smart dialogues and brilliant, lively characters.


Eventually what started as helping her simple cousin, turned into a popularity contest with Marjorie’s place being questioned. When it becomes clear that Warren has shifted his interest from Marjorie to Bernice, Marjorie sets about humiliating Bernice by tricking her into going through with bobbing her hair.

What do I care about two young Ivy Leaguers, rich like most Fitzgerald characters, obsessed with looking better, being the belle of the ball, and being with cute boys?

Retrieved June 23, A truly charming series of short stories. Yet it is here that I find marvel in his works. Fitting for the times, a story about the pitfalls of popularity and the hazard of getting what you wish for as well as the sweet taste of revenge. Be the first to ask a question about Bernice Bobs Her Hair.

When two men break out of prison, they join up with another and restart their criminal ways, robbing banks across the South. Bernice Bobs Her Hair was a fun short story, fitzggerald was quick and easy to read. Here in the city with her very forward cousin, she is very out of place.

What do I care about t F.