Fidelio. Opera in two acts, by L. van Beethoven. [Libretto by Joseph von Sonnleithner]. URL to cite or link to: Original German libretto by Joseph Ferdinand Sonnleithner–New Grove. Book/ Printed Material Fidelio (). Libretto. Libretto. English Leonore / Constancy. Title: Fidelio (). Libretto. English & German; Other Title: Leonore; Alternate Title: Leonore; Contributor Names: Beethoven, Ludwig van —

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Da giebt es Artikel, auf die man wenigstens das Doppelte profitiren kann. Jetzt, morgen und immer, nein! Nun, meine Fodelio, Ihr habt Euch doch herzlich lieb, nicht wahr? The back door opens, and the Stage is half lighted. Truth I dared to utter boldly And the chains are my reward. And, dear father, you will work yourself dead. Coro e solisti partecipano alla gioiosa celebrazione finale. Oh, most cruel torture! The distant origin of Fidelio dates fromwhen the librettist and impresario Emanuel Schikaneder worked out a contract with Librstto to write an opera.

His Majesty’s birthday is today, We celebrate it in this way. Your imprisonment has evidently been unknown to the Minister, and is a stretch of arbitrary power, no doubt. He has a vision of an angel with Leonore’s face, leading him from his life of suffering. Nun fort auf unsre Runde, Wie wichtig muss es sein! Sein Tod nur kann mich retten, Dann werd’ ich ruhig sein. If it be he, oh God, help me. Fidelio, hearing Pizarro’s plot, is agitated, but hopes to rescue Florestan Abscheulicher! Du arbeitest dich ja zu Tode, liebe Vater.


I think I may venture. No, no; he only sleeps. No time is to be lost; In the interest of the state The criminal subject must Quickly be removed. There is also an offstage trumpet.

But there is a way out – a courageous deed … No. Der Kerker eine Gruft.

The governor shall today permit That you share all my work with me. Wikisource has the text of the Encyclopedia Americana article Fidelio.

Rocco und Leonore steigen in seinen Kerker hinab und beginnen, das Grab auszuheben Nur hurtig fort, nur frisch gegraben. The role of Pizarro was taken by Johann Michael Vogl ljbretto, who later became known for his collaborations with Schubert.

Beethoven’s Opera Fidelio. German Text, with an English Translation – Online Library of Liberty

Mit kaltem Blut Will ich hinab mich wagen: Something must speedily be done librettk avert the danger. Naxos Records, a member of the Naxos Music Group. Her sudden avowal of her name causes a hesitation on the part of Pizarro, but he again raises the dagger, when he is confronted by a pistol, fidleio points directly at his head.

The libretto was inspired by an actual incident from the French Revolution, in which a woman dressed as a man was hired as a prison gaoler and llibretto to free her incarcerated husband.

List of compositions Category: The dungeon is a grave. Du sollst kein Opfer sein! Officers enter with a detachment of Troops, then Pizarro. A new, modern-styled production that premiered in Budapest in Octoberfor example, features the “Leonore No.


Das Mass der Leiden steht bei dir. Das Duett wird durchaus halblaut gesungen. He must no libretot live, My ruin it would be. Rocco, often I have begged of you to allow the poor prisoners, in this dismal cell immured, to come and breathe the pure air of this garden. Leonora suddenly draws a small pistol from her bosom and presents it at him. Librwtto me you could not! Dich anzusehn willst du librettp wehren? Mein Weib, mein Weib, an meiner Brust! Am Tage nach seiner Abreise gebe ich euch zusammen.

After meeting with Pizarro, Rocco reenters and tells Fidelio that Pizarro will allow the marriage, and Fidelio will also be permitted to join Rocco on his rounds in the dungeon Nun sprecht, wie ging’s?

Online Library of Liberty

Rocco says that it is, and instructs Fidelio to leave the dungeon, but Fidelio hides instead. What have you planned in cruel fury? No, Sir, committing lbretto, My duty this is not.