THE ROMULAN WAY: Game Operations Manual United Federation of Planets Star Trek The Role Playing Game by Guy W. David F.; McLimore Tepool, Jr.;. Star Trek – The Roleplaying Game Box , , KB. file, The Klingons Boxed , , KB. file. This category is specifically for the Star Trek: The Role Playing Game which was published by the FASA Corporation from to

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These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Now you can join the Enterprise; all that is required is right here. Included in the game is: The Basic Rule Book: Rules for man-to-man combat, starship combat, planetary generation, and culture and alien generation are also included. This book is heavily illustrated with pictures from the TV series. Enterprise and the Klingon D-7 class Battlecruiser. Also included with this book are several reference sheets used with the starship combat system.

Starship Combat Hex Grid: One side of these counters is used with the starship combat system. The other side depicts figures and can be used with man-to-man combat. See the entry on our Blog over at our sales site for more info. The set uses the later, simpler Yrek word logo. This page book contains information on fasaa to play the game. With it, you can create and train your own Star Fleet Officer as well as direct his actions in ground-based adventures. Included are an introduction and a glossary for players new to role-playing games.

This page book contains information about the Star Trek universe. It includes illustrated sections on the races and governments in the known universe, as well as photo-illustrated sections on the organization and equipment of Star Fleet. For players new to Star Trek, there is a time line of events and a glossary of Star Trek terms.

This page book contains all the information necessary for designing and running games. It has sections on designing adventures and presenting them to players. There are sections on judging character generation syar actions planetside and in space. Enterprise with this complete set of deck and exterior plans for television’s famous starship.

The Role Playing Game. Trace the adventures of Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock and the whole Enterprise crew with this exclusive set of Official Blueprints. Also included with this set is the complete specifications, and information from official Star Fleet records.

Complete deck and exterior plans show every detail of this formidable interstellar warship.

The Roll Playing Game. Explore the pride of the Klingon Imperial fleet with this exclusive set of Official Blueprints. Also included with this set is the complete ship recognition hand book for the D-7 Battlecruiser and all known variants, describing the deck plans in full and revealing all the secrets of the D-7 from Star Fleet intelligence reports.

More than a supplement, this set provides not only a complete creation system for Klingon player characters, but complete technological, cultural and physiological background sar Klingons and their society. Now, they make fascinating player characters as well! Written by science fiction faas John M. Included are a complete rules and background rrek, a book of Klingon Empire adventure scenarios and valuable frek and forms, and a set of Klingon player character counters and ship counters.

Even if you don’t play Klingon characters, you’ll want this material for your Star Fleet-based campaigning. Strap on your disruptor pistol, and be sure to watch your back! You have been selected for training as an officer in the most powerful military machine in the known galaxy.

The life is hard, but the potential rewards are limitless. This set is no different. A crisp box set which I believe to be complete it even still had the original d20 contained: Hide in asteroid fields, lay a trap with deadly gravitic mines, casa battle for planets In this fast paced exciting game from FASA. This easy to learn combat game allows bookd to fly the famed Enterprise, a Klingon battlecruiser, a Romulan warship or one of twenty different starships In the Star Frek Universe, The game includes 78 colorful playing pieces, a large 22″x33″ starfield map, ship data book, rulebooks, a twenty sided die and a set of Command and Control Panels.


Four games in one, for 2 or more players fzsa 12 and up. Or you may choose to be a Fleet Admiral commanding several ships, plotting with your sub-commanders to hide in asteroid fields, lay traps with deadly gravitic mines, or battle for planets in this fast-paced game.

The options are unlimited, so choose your role. Add action of starship combat to bools campaigns. Treo 1st ed: Find out why in The Klingons. A must for players and gamemasters alike, this updated second edition contains two books. The Game Operations Manual presents the truth about the Klingon Empire for the gamemaster and Klingon player characters.

Included are character generation rules, equipment guidelines, the Empire’s political and economic structure, Klingon philosophy, and much, much more.

Compiled from intelligence agents’ reports, interrogation, and analysis of captured Klingon equipment, this manual is Star Fleet Intelligence Command’s latest briefing on the Federation’s most dangerous foe. The Role Playing Game provides hundreds of interesting facts about the Romulans, their personality, their history, sgar their religion. These books also tell about the Romulan Star Empire, the fascinating Eridam Papers that describe it, its government, its relations with the UFP and the Klingons, and its extent.

And they tell about the Imperial Navy, its starships, its weapons and equipment, its organization, and its combat tactics.

Now you can find out all about the Romulans. All you need is right here to add these mysterious aliens to Star Trek: Included are the following: It includes up-to-date information that every Star Fleet officer should know if he is to serve anywhere near the Neutral Zone or the Triangle.

Its many illustrations show uniforms and equipment, as well as starships, and Romulans engaged in various activities. It also includes short articles written by Commander Spock and others about the Romulans, as well as a short dictionary of common Romulan words.

Star Trek: The Role Playing Game – Wikipedia

Game Operations Manual – This page book contains all the stat necessary for designing and running games that feature the Romulans. It provides the information necessary to create and train Romulan characters; a Bookss Character Record also is provided. This information is complete and accurate, unlike the information possessed by Star Fleet Intelligence.

With it, a gamemaster may add the Romulans to his game, keeping much of their mystery to his players. The Triangle is full of renegade Romulans and Klingons, pirate kings, black-market stra dealers, and boo,s other unsavory characters. Included faea this set are a beautiful full-color map 17″ x 22″ that shows all the inhabited planets of the Triangle and all political boundaries of the major races and minor states, and a page book containing information about the political, military, and economic goals of the three major powers bordering this neutral region of space.

The largest part of the book is made up of world logs of the inhabited planets of the Triangle and character sheets for some of the more important and interesting personalities who live and do business there. Also included are several maps and indices for easy reference and cross-indexing.

The Role Playing Trej consists of two books. Inside are the Orions’ social structure, a racial history dating back hundreds of thousands of years, descriptions of trade on Rigel IV trekk alien races have traded for millenniadetails on Orion slavery, and numerous planetary descriptions.

The Book of Deep Knowledge provides that information known only to the gamemaster and Orion trekk. It fills the gaps of Orion history, presents the Orion character generation system, describes Orion families, corporations, and trej, and sets the record straight on Orion pirates. Whether seductive slaves or merchants extraordinaire, Orions are the most treacherous, egocentric, opportunistic, materialistic, hedonistic, and barbaric beings in the galaxy.


Play them to the hilt with The Orions. A Handbook of Information on the United Federation of Planets “Spanning over 5, cubic parsecs in size, encompassing thousands of unique planetary systems This booklet contains comprehensive information that has never before appeared in a single volume.

The Federation covers the entire history of the Federation, Articles of Federation, current Federation interstellar relations, the governmental and bureaucratic structure of the Federation, as well as providing information on individuals who have made their mark – for good or ill on Federation history and statistics on the major civilizations and over planets within Federation space, and much, much more. As a primary information source, an easy-to-use reference guide, and a compendium of facts and figures found nowhere else, this booklet synthesizes hundreds of sources, past bolks present, to make the Federation a complete political, military, and cultural entity.

A must for Star Trek fans of every age. The Next Generation Officer’s Manual contains: Deck plans for the main bridge Deck plans for the battle bridge Deck plans for officers and crews quarters Rank insignias Starfleet uniforms Science, medical, and engineering tricorders The Mark V personal phaser and other weapons The Ferengi, the Q and other new alien races” The players’ book, the Agent’s Orientation Sourcebook, contains the history and boos of Star Fleet Intelligence Command, operating procedures for field agents, and gadgets from the deluxe security system briefcase to anti-laser aerosol.

The second book, the Game Operations Manual, provides the gamemaster with front organizations and current missions, guidelines for judging new skill and equipment use, and information on other intelligence organization, such as stag Klingon Diplomatic Corps and the Andorian Corps of Enforcers.

Star Trek FASA

The world of archagents and undercover missions awaits you in the Star Fleet Intelligence Manual! This supplement takes players and gamemasters beyond Star Fleet for player character backgrounds, allowing tdek STAR TREK universe to act as background for the more free-wheeling adventures of the independent trader.

This supplement also provides background on the economic system of the United Federation of Planets, including prices of common items, pay scales, interstel-ler trade rules and regulations, playing the Federation stock market and more. In addition, information on merchant terk is included. Such characters can also be created as non-players, serving as central figures for Star Fleet-based adventures. The second major section discusses merchant vessels and their operation, along with personal equipment and prices.

The third major section provides information on the profession itself, and how characters can make money or lose their shirt plying the trade lanes of the UFP and beyond. There are also several appendices with useful information, including a quick system for determining the income from merchant fleets, Star Fleet and merchant crew pay scales, and complete character data on two famous interstellar rogues, Cyrano Jones and Harcourt Fenton “Harry” Mudd.

The Role Playing Game enables players to buy private ships, obtain cargoes, and turn profits no man has turned before. In addition, players tpg gamemasters will learn the ins and outs of the Federation economy — from pricing goods to trading on the UFP stock faxa, and stqr. The players’ book, a copy of the 23rd century trade magazine Spacelanes, gives an stat look at the ways and means of merchant life. The gamemaster’s book provides details on generation trader characters, and all the necessary information for running trader adventures.

Start plying the space lanes today.