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Fansadox collection 323 – The Society.pdf

This is an entirely fictional work based on cartoon characters for adult entertainment. It shows no real people or events. No actual toons were harmed in the making of this comic.

T he year Many countries have passed the ‘Compulsory Female Slavery Law’ and legalized the sexual-use and trade of nubile women over 18 years of age. When a girl reaches slavery age, she can be bought and sold, hired and whored, and used in every imaginable way There is no escape for the young women of the future, nowhere they can hide from their fate as toys in the hands of men.


Fansadox collection – The – Erenisch – Seavo12 –

The best a girl can hope for, is to find a master who is less cruel than the alternatives. S lavegirl Sherry Slutkitten often finds herself in terrible situations because of her defiant nature and uncontrollable tongue.

Her life takes another radical turn when Paul Stevenson, decides to marry the young slave in order to punish her father. Sherry’s new status cansadox a slave-wife brings some perks but also new responsibilities and hardships for the poor girl.

Her charismatic husband stirs an emotional conflict for Sherry.

She feels more and more under the spell of the enigmatic man, thanks to his unique blend of psychological conditioning techniques and heavy-handed punishment methods Perhaps bliss is the wrong word. And maybe enjoy is the wrong word too. Her new husband, Paul Stevenson, is a ruthless SOB whose heavy handed punishments and humiliating debauchery are slowly whittling fznsadox the last vestiges of her self-respect.


Her only other option is to find a wealthy man to claim her faneadox. Michelle makes a desperate, humiliating plea to her potential owners on Cuntmatch. Fortunately for Michelle, Paul Stevenson has a job for her, an escort to a very important business meeting: But as always, nothing is as it appears to be.

Stevenson is about to become a part of a very selective and secretive club.