If you do not have access to the errata, it can be found, for free, This includes Charms in publications that were never errata’d (like Scroll. Scroll of Errata is a sourcebook for Exalted Second Edition providing an extensive Fans regularly refer to this rules update as “Exalted ” in. Exalted(tm) is a game by the White Wolf gaming company, currently under development by Onyx Path. This is a community aimed at bringing.

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This update will make teaching my new Exalted players much easier and, hopefully, allow them to enjoy the game without slamming into as many unseen mechanical blocks. This includes Charms in publications that were never errata’d like Scroll of the Monk. It is intended as a quick overview and a handy reference, not a comprehensive guide, and will not include any Charm-specific errata except in cases where the change influences more than the mechanics of the Charm, or for demonstrative purposes.

I have a webcomic: Thanks for all the work! The five week training time to enlighten mortals isn’t mentioned any more. Would love to see a revised edition of Exalted using 2. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Stunting DVs adds 1 to the static rating for each bonus dice.

There are a few problems with the new errata. Perfect defenses were employed against almost every attack, incentivizing a low-cost, high-accuracy build that dominated the mote-attrition battles that rapidly equated clever and dynamic attacks with hemorrhaging motes.


There were plenty of Charms that got missed, simply because there are so many Charms. Tip You can now put text in spoiler tags by using the following format: You are commenting using your Twitter account. The most important change, to my mind, is the abolition of both experience and Willpower costs for the Combo system. I do recommend the errata to anyone who plays consistently, not only because it is the official edit to the core rules and most supplementsbut also because it actually makes the game more fun.

This site uses cookies. If you do not have access to the 2.

Exalted is Out – The Freedom Stone

You beat me to it! Darn it, those other comments were not there before. Halves DV and doubles thresholds for raw damage? The link is the one labeled ‘Scroll of Errata’. SHE decides what time it is. Plague of Hats Essence 3. It makes you shoot at your land-lord. Infinite ability Mastery he cannot use any charm to help his defense, while DB can use his reflexives because they do not count as charm activation.

The perfects being increased rendered combat more tactical because you have to decide what to spend your motes on and if you need to save them for that super attack.

Onyx Path Publishing: Many Worlds. One Path.

I don’t think that DBs are that much screwed up although I may have missed somethingyeah that was my fisrt thought, but exaled anymore. There are charms that lack combo-ok or even combo-basic keyword, so while a Solar activates such a charm ex.


So did FearMeForIAmPink over the White Wolf forums, but he actually went ahead and compiled a series of pdf comments that can be saved on any Exalted pdf, dotting the books with comments you can hover over to see the errata right on the page and place you’d expect it for instance, seeing a comment with the errata of a Charm right on the Charm’s entry.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Not all of the balance changes were positive, but having playtested briefly I at least feel like the game is better even for non-Sidereals. It was called “solar combo” – prereq. Mei Yu Wxalted Essence 6. For convenience, here is a direct link to download the comment files of all exalted books in one zip: Octopoid Prevarication Foaming at the mouth about Exalted.

Hearthstones are, indeed, considered equipment. For those who neither have nor want to make an account to DriveThruRPG there is also a mediafire link, although it may be removed without warning: It did not reduce lethality, it made it worse and removed other tactical options in the game.

Submit a new link. Welcome to Exalted 2.

Do we need a scroll of errata errata? And that the jade Speed cheese is no more.