Bestselling Author of Thrilling, Dark Books for Teens & Adults. Series Reading Order: Otherkin. This is the reading order for the Otherkin series by Eve Silver: Sins of the Heart; *Sin’s Daughter ยท Sins of the. The Otherkin book series by Eve Silver includes books Sins of the Heart, Sins of the Soul, Sins of the Flesh, and several more. See the complete Otherkin series.

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I had a hard time with my rating. ARC provided by NetGalley. She’s not being told everything though.

Sin’s Daughter – Kindle edition by Eve Silver. Paranormal Romance Kindle eBooks @

Well, Im glad I did. Knowing that Sutekh has countless enemies, the list of suspects is vast but incriminating evidence suggests that the Daughters of Aset are to blame leading Daegan’s quest for revenge right to Roxy’s front door.

When the hunters again come for her, she realizes she has made a huge error in returning to San Fransisco. Roxy was just as complex. Body of Sin There is no resolution in the book and the plot continues to the rest to the series, I believe. There is a lot of side deals and scheming in the underworld to the point I am not sure who did it.

And, once again, I was more than happy to take it with them. Eleven years ago, Dagan saved her life and spared her soul, and since then they have had a connection and mutual fascination. The story is so complexed but at the same time you do understand whats going on.


View all 4 comments. Roxy the heroine, is a daughter of Aset, meets the hero, Dagan Krayl, son of Sutekh. Not Enabled Word Wise: He was entranced by the female who was shaking with fear yet did not scream and was defiant towards him. Lots of thrill and action.

Sins of the Heart

She’s suffered early from her naivete which has inevitably lead her to clam up around any who make any probing movements leaving her once again never alone but incredibly lonely. The Half human son of an Egyptian god, Dagan is a Soul Reaper whose job it is to collect the dark souls which sustain his father. All made even better by the fact that their was heavy sarcasm involved.

Roxy is a heroine who can take care of herself. Not to mention, I really want to find out about the kid, and Lokan! Having a past just meant they needed to clear up the misunderstanding sipver stood between them.

They’re both excellent characters.

Half mortal, half god, Daegan scavenges the Topworld to harvest the most soiled of human souls to feed his father, Sutekh. As evidence mounts and the threatening presence that stalks her draws ever nearer, Sarah must decide if Killian is a man deserving of her love or a sinister creature determined to make her his next victim.

He found the combination appealing.

Otherkin Series by Eve Silver

But somehow, in the last quarter of the book, she has a personality change and becomes somewhat likeable. Alastor and Calliope were also very interesting secondary characters. I like the concept of this book but the execution was really disappointing. It only took a year from that day for Roxy to find them and join their ranks, and however low her position may be, she finally has a family to call her own. A man of many names, Sutekh is a God of the Underworld, a realm divided neatly into thousands of territories each with its own master jockeying for power.


This book is so unique and I look forward to reading more of this series in the future! Find me on FacebookTwitterInstagramor send me an email!

Daegan Krayle is a soul otherkn.

The story arc was a bit condensed by necessity of length, but it still managed to be a satisfying read. A faction or temple was mentioned, and chapters later there would be a d 3.

Series Reading Order: Otherkin

Sins of the Flesh Until the night the Hunters broke in brandishing guns. She has a smart mouth, as Dagan would say and she is so strong. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. At a point we know who the killer is but not how or why. Now, after his three hundred year long dark existence, Daegan’s life is forever changed when his coming fate aligns with that of a young girl.