I Am an Emotional Creature: The Secret Life of Girls Around the World [Eve Ensler] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this daring book . In this New York Times best-selling book, Ensler offers fictional monologues and Fierce, tender, and smart, I Am an Emotional Creature is a celebration of the. Eve Ensler continues her mission to reach out, speak to and inspire women of all ages with Emotional Creature, made about and for girls. Through discovery.

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I am an Emotional Creature by Eve Ensler. There is a particular way of knowing. But it would behoove her to let the women she has traveled around the world and found so “beautiful” speak for themselves, instead ensleer theatrically adapting their words.

I’m glad to know already what a couple of teenage girls felt about the text and its project because I really am curious, perhaps even a little skeptical, about how this target population might respond to Ensler’s message and the way in which it is conveyed.

Some stories about sex trafficking or dealing with being a “masculine” girl were so amazing, but some of the more experimental free verse passages didn’t always do it for me. Today we have something special for you Its a great read!!! One more thing, the girl-facts ,found in the book, were so sad and true. The evening fluctuated from book reading to performance to rally to consciousness raising session, until it was unclear where one experience began and the other ended.


‘I Am an Emotional Creature’: Eve Ensler’s monologues evoke girl power

The Best Metal of There was one monologue about nose surgery from Iran, though, and she didn’t like being creeature. One is a blog written from the perspective of an anorexic teen: Yet this book is not one merely for girls, it is written for everyone.

Women around the world face challenges that are so horrid – anything we in the US can help. The sexually violent ones might not be able to or want to control their urges, and then we have ugly and devastating rape.

Those that have it all and those that don’t. One of my favorite pieces in the whole text is at the start of Part I: It will change your life. Okay, now for the bad stuff. I went on this secret date with a boy who told me I was pretty. There was also a lack of range in the emotions covered in I am an Emotional Creature.

All touched my heart in profound ways, as they each ev This is a book I will cherish for many years to come. Losses, Journeys, and Ascensions: I have great respect for Ensler, her writing, and her beliefs, but I simply do not have the heart or mind for this type of writing. Inspiring, relatable, and, at times, really heartbreakingly sad. No personal attacks or insults, no hate speech, no profanity.



The format and content was revelatory, and Ensler became a worldwide sensation because of her willingness to have a frank discussion about a taboo topic. The sound of girls’ voices, at once familiar and surprising brought home the extent to which I and other women have rewritten our histories to conform to a story I now recognize as untrue.

I think it goes without saying that books like I am an Emotional Creature are important. Overall, I was impressed by this book. I Am An Emotional Creature: I absolutely loved this book, it literally just opened me up.


That includes the girls who had the strength to change their fates. You remind us of what we have been forced to shut down and abandon in ourselves in order to fit in. This edition features new material about starting a discussion group based on the book.

And I love, hear me, love enslerr love being a girl. Thank you, Eve Ensler for writing straight out of your soul so that others can heal.

Girls have to be careful. We make everything okay rather than real. While I like the premise of sharing the plight of girls worldwide, I have a problem with the provocative nature of this book.