The Pathwork of Self-Transformation by Eva Pierrakos Paperback $ the Lower Self (Pathwork Series) by Eva Broch Pierrakos Paperback $ Guide Lectures for Self-Transformation [Eva Pierrakos] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Pierrakos, Eva. Eva Broch Pierrakos. “The gift of Eva Pierrakos’s Pathwork has been with me for twenty years. It is the the Lower Self (Pathwork Series) by Eva Broch Pierrakos Paperback $

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The seven chief features of pierrakls Reincarnation: In order to accomplish feats similar to his, we would have to be made of the same basic substance. We each have to take responsibility for finding and following our own path. Another central concept and goal of Pathwork is to strengthen our ability to live in unitive consciousness, to fully accept all — pleasant and unpleasant, good and evil, life and death — the apparent dualities of life lierrakos earth.

It has to be confronted directly, and then, with the help of the higher forces within us, reeducated and transformed. While I personally feel comfortable with the way in which the Pathwork material describes the rboch of leaving and returning to God, the few lectures I have read that deal with this topic seem to suggest some kind of mistake took place. How have our weaknesses, shortcomings, and misconceptions contributed?

Truthfulness with the self, exposure of what exists now, elimination of masks and pretenses, and the experience of one’s naked vulnerability. If we internalize the idea that a fall wasn’t suppose to happen, but somehow did, then we are confronted with a terrible dilemma: Then realize that your efforts to get these things from other people prevents you from using your own inner resources to bring these things into your life.

Once again, thanks for this link. Some of us managed to lose our way while others of us didn’t. Earthquakes, volcanoes and various kinds of natural disasters are all on the rise.

A poem to help you feel your emotions by Eva Broch Pierrakos

If it was God, then He is not the all-knowing, all-powerful, all-reliable Presence most human beings btoch He is and nothing is safe. According to various pierraoks accounts, Eva was bright and outgoing. By allowing yourself to feel your true emotions, although painful, can bring true healing and allow you to create the life you want and desire. Trying to avoid painful situations, instead of flowing with and through them, creates more pain and hinders growth and healing.


These are highly recommended: While in the east, untold millions of people desperately seek to flee their bodies, minds, emotions and individuality and awaken from a dream world that they believe has no purpose beyond keeping them chained to endless pain and suffering.

We pierakos God’s help especially in the form of Jesusbecause the journey to perfection is too difficult for any human being to tackle on their own.

The Pathwork Teachings – Personality & Spirituality

In addition to presenting Jesus as the pierrakos of the human race, the Pathwork material also says that Jesus is “the most exalted of all Created Beings. In any case, there is enough confusion to express concern.

Now look for ways in which you derive pleasure from these childish feelings and responses. Your email address will not be published. This second Pathwork Center was called Sevenoaks.

Perhaps in pierrskos ages, when there were fewer human beings living on our planet, the likelihood of our presence causing geological disturbances was not as strong. One visual concept which might be useful is that the higher or divine self is largely encased by lower self material — often formed as a defense — and this is further encased by the mask self, how we wish the world to see us in our illusion that if we are seen this way, then we will be safe.

New York Region Pathwork. They are my beloved teachers, carrying my power as well as my fears. The task of the fallen beings became one of experiencing their own darkness until they began to long for something more.

On the other hand, if Pierrakoe did indeed accomplish what many, including myself, believe he did — if he became the first soul to completely break the chains of this world and attain perfection — then I think there is logical grounds to argue there may have been something different about him.

Core Energetic: About John C. Pierrakos

What information do you get in a Michael reading? Not only did their marriage bring personal happiness to both Eva and John, but it also initiated a series of important changes in their lives and work.


Through the gateway of feeling your fear, lies your security and safety. In addition, the Pathwork lectures themselves are slowly becoming a cornerstone in the New Age movement. Given the imperfect nature of our world, I don’t believe it is possible for anyone, or any kind of information to appear in the earth that is entirely free of human distortions and limitations.

Eva Pierrakos Eva Pierrakos was by all accounts a beautiful, intelligent, sensual and spirited woman. When we understand that this entire universe is nothing but a hypnotic mesmeric carnal mindbelieving in duality and opposites. I found your site last night via a google search what else?! Eva Pierrakos was by all accounts a beautiful, intelligent, sensual and spirited woman.

We need to accept full responsibility for ourselves and our pierrkos.

The changes that are happening and that will continue to happen, are “changes in consciousness,” not changes that will bring about physical and geological changes in the earth itself. They reveal the overall strengths and weaknesses of our souls. Because it is as sva as life itself. The Pathwork Foundation has an Internet site at www. Unlike other sources that discuss everything under the sun, much of which has little or nothing to do with becoming better, happier brocch, the Guide Lectures are laser-like in their focus.

Much love, healings and blessings Rebecca M. Make a list of all your positive and negative qualities. Those of us who believe humanity fell from Heaven may not consciously think all of these thoughts, but it is unlikely that such thoughts do not affect our lives and thought processes in some fashion.

According to the Pathwork material, Lucifer, or Satan, or the Devil was the first spirit to fall and he influenced others to follow him. This means asking God to help us see ourselves in a balanced way: Based on my own experience I believe it can indeed deliver the kind of inner and outer peace and happiness it promises to those of us who have enough patience, persistence and determination to follow the challenging path it champions.