EURORACK UBFX-PRO/UBFX-PRO/UBFX-PRO/UBFX- PRO. This symbol, wherever it appears, alerts you to the presence of uninsulated . 5 user reviews on Behringer Eurorack UBFX-Pro. The Behringer Eurorack UBFX-PRO Channel Mixer is versatile and feature packed for project audio mixing in home studios, musician rigs, podcast.

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Write a user review Ask for a user review. For my purposes, it hasn’t done me wrong, though I do not use it for many musical applications due to the sound being second rate.

There are also 3 sends, a pan pot, mute, and solo buttons.

Behringer Eurorack UBFX-PRO Channel Mixer UBFX-PRO

The qualiseurs t appear to have reviewed and are quite efficient. I love the little blue light, but I like less bugs routing as well as two failures in two years.

These range from reverb, delay, chorus, pitch shifting, and combos of those effects. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Price quality point of view it is a good table trs and therefore a good deal for a home studio. I purchased this unit off of E-Bay.

If you are just looking for a workhorse mixer, not for studio use but for other things such as an open mic or for speakers, than this would be a good value due to the very low price.


Behringer Eurorack Channel Mixer Board -(UB2222FXPRO)

By the integrated effects against the horrible, I do not see where it is 24 bit, it looks like a 4 bit dithering as there is breath. Ease of operation and the FX are nice. I like the very low price about it, and that it is reliable. The multi-effect is quite convenient but it induces, depending on the program, a breath or pop numrique more or less important. Noise tends to be a problem on Behringer products, and you can hear it as you push up the gain – another reason you maybe wouldn’t want to use this in a studio.

This is an analog console.

Log in Become a member. It’s just practice to see what happens. Nothing to add to what has been said above, otherwise we would have liked a control output separate from the headphone output Never really teacher, but it’s a shame when even.

Nothing special to say except that the manual is not rich but just enough trs. The sound is definitely a weak point ub222fx-pro, so I only use it for live things where a top sound quality is not necessary. I needed a mixer to mix down for recording. Each of those channels has an EQ strip with 3 bands. You do not take risk by adopting it. My ear does not dcle blast on returns. Some things still elude me why can not we send the return effect “FX in the sub, it does not work Eurkrack with a capacitor V – micro f whenever the uh2222fx-pro supply box probably the same problem as the gentleman from above.


So you select which one you want to run, and you can ub22222fx-pro send that in various amounts to your channels. Shame about the headphones unusable.

Good food rack analog via late in mtale provided with kb2222fx-pro practical novelty rather than anything else: It is not as in depth as it could be. Overall, Behringer remains faithful to him even without be at the top. However, most of the functions are largely self-explanatory so it’s not a huge deal. The only thing that steers from the norm that jumps out at me is the FX section.

More than 99 effects such as reverb, chorus, delay, compressor, etc. Sounds are brittle, small, and lack a lot of extreme high end that can bring a track to life. I personally found the manual to be a little bit vague at times. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services.

I’ve used a good amount of mixers.