Eurit and swissvoice. Views. 6 years ago. Handset, · Message, · Base, · Station, · Machine, · Messages, · Answering, · Telephone, · Calls, · Settings. comfortably yours best-in comfortably yours best-in-class swissvoice Eurit swissvoice. Eurit and Cordless ISDN telephone DECT User Guide Important: This guide contains safety notes. Please read it before using your telephone and keep .

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Gjenta nummer Hans Muster i V v Det sist valgte nummeret eller navnet blir vist.

Base station settings Base station ringer BaseStat. Operating the answering machine from the handset Note: Handset settings General settings Note: Service functions Babyphone Provider services Mailbox Showing other messages If you also have new messages on the answering machine or new entries in the call register, this is now displayed in relevant order. Tast inn et telefonnummer med talltastene.

Mobile phone SWISSVOICE EURIT – Preview manual for free | Page: 1

External calls Logging, intercepting malicious calls MCID Making calls externally means calling via the telephone network exchange. External calls Dialling from the redial register Off-line call preparation The last 15 names or numbers dialled are stored automatically and can be redialled using the redial register.

Tast inn eller endre navnet. V, v Rurit bruker. If the call partner dialled is busy, automatic call back or wurit redial can be activated. Place the handset in the base station or the charging bay. Page 65 Base station settings Base station ringer BaseStat.


Select “Unconditional”, “No reply” or “Busy”. Select an entry from the call register. You are in the middle of an internal or external call eurlt an external Call charges and call duration Displaying and clearing totals Type of display The total amount and the amount of the last call can be displayed or cleared at any time. This message is now deleted. Eurir the currency Setting the factor 1.

If you use different batteries from Handset Frequency see all.

SWISSVOICE Eurit 535 User Manual

Select “Answered” or “Unanswered” Dette apparatet kan lagre maks. Temporarily switch the telephone to tone dialling DTMFif not already set. Du finner mer informasjon i den fullstendige bruksanvisningen. Page 55 Call charges and call duration Displaying and clearing totals Type of display The total amount and the amount of the last call can be displayed or cleared at any time.

Available in a glossy black, white or striking red, this eye-catching cordless analogue device from Swissvoice boasts the latest energy-saving and low emission technologies. Page 97 Index Several handsets The message is displayed. The selection as to which handset can listen in is made at the handset making the call. In the default state, the number has already been set. Make sure the polarity is correct. Eksternt telefonnummer Det blir automatisk satt bylinjekode foran telefonnummeret funksjon for hussentraler.


Du er inne i en samtale: Internal number of the handset, Activating direct call Handset settings Press any key, except the fox key. Also included with this phone are comfort features such as adjustable ringer and loudspeaker 5 levels on eachsecrecy function, call transfer, and conference internally and externally between handsets.

Operating the answering machine from the base station Playing back recorded messages Operation of the answering machine from the base station is not dependent on the MSNs users specified. V, v Select MSN. The following tips are intended to help you do this.

The answering machine has switched itself on. Disse innstillingene gjelder for alle oppmeldte brukere som wurit aktuelle brukeren MSN er tilordnet. Page 62 Handset settings 3. If necessary switch the answering machine off: General deactivation GD 1.

Tast inn eksternt telefonnummer.

The telephone is supplied with three rechargeable batteries. Relisting and order cancelations will not be allowed. When direct call is activated, calls can be taken in the usual way. New entries in the call register are indicated as follows in the display: