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The passage in Severus cannot be identified. So now, you my father and leader of souls, as you become one of them and those like them, and as you go into the veil to be for us an ambassador with the Lord forever, remember your conventwhich you created for yourself from the beginning, this monastery in which you lived. Ejmex the negative mntatxht ‘the state of not being in one’s mind’, the positive mntxht does not seem to be emuex common, cf. For the illness began to oppress our father to produce for such people spittle that became holy as soon as it fell to the earth.

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A survey of the evidence relating to the background is presented by J. Those who knew testified of him that he had never experienced physical pleasure, whether with the help of the One on High who protects him or the effective 71 control of his body, the one whose condition exists in the four elements of the world. He used to say to them: For Jesus, it say, loved Martha and Mary her sister. It was why and how he rose and spread in the house of God, the glory of the Lord shining upon him and the wealth of grace justly settling upon him.

CD a describes the meaning ‘belly’ as rare. He enjoys such freedom of speech before the Lord that he can look into what is hidden and what is revealed and those who come to partake of the holy mysteries, the worthy and the unworthy.


The churches were stripped of clerics. He was assured, consecrated the church and held a service in it.

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I understand the whole to mean that Severus became aware of Apollo when he was still at Antioch and now that he is Egypt, he feels obliged to visit him. O the illness that made the healer of the illness of another! I will make you see him as someone who fought 64 against evil spirits, subsequently receiving the crown from the president of these games of this sort, Our Lord and Saviour.

He who does not have them but only wears only the staff of piety, while in denial of the virtue of piety, I say that they are like whited sepulchres and lifeless gravestones.

I have made my way to a great sea, that is, the life of this admirable saint and great beacon. But since blessing you is a lawful obligation, and not just seven times a day, but all our life, as long as I have been familiar eummex your considerate nature, in accordance with which you are a disciple of the one who did not reject the two small coins of the widow and the unguent of the woman of Bethany.

It is an instruction of the Saviour.


Even if you include the blessing of the widow’s handful of meal by Elijah or the small amount of oil by Elisha the prophet. I know that the deeds of the just man beget life for those who follow him, as it is written. We need your help to maintenance this website. A reconciliation of the flesh with the spirit through the oneness of virtue. She sent them to the saint to be blessed, as the fruits of his prayers. And just as, in accordance with God’s will, Abraham was ready to make his son a holy living sacrifce pleasing to God and walked for three days to the mountain 4000a his sacrifice, Apollo too endured the same sort of interval from this district until he reached the ‘created mountain’, 31 I mean the life of our holy father, Apa Pachomius the first, and the great archimandrite and heir of his labours together with his virtue, the one who was made and the one who first offered himself as a gift of God, I mean Theodore, 32 the soul- mate of Pachomius, and his companion in the eumdx of the Lord, Horsiese.


To be sure, the things that I received, you have endured a portion of them. The ‘graphemic’ paronomasia involved in the scriptural citation of a and w, the first and last letters of Apollo’s name, is in my view somewhat subtler and less laboured.

After having settled in it properly, he heard Isaiah say: Sumex de on nqipjaje xws efsumbouleue epagacon alla epeidh ourefnoqneqpe. Crum Coptic Dictionary b, abbreviated to CD is not in doubt and is probably the word meaning ‘fragrance’. For I have not written this as if I were telling the story of his life. Broadcom Bluetooth 2. Since it has been known that there was a 2nd cent.

She did this twice with great fervour. Eu,ex them put their concealed opponents down by destroying their water stores, which means suppressing the body, as the great Severus said, and seize that lamp of reason, as they prepare to meet the bride who belongs to heaven.

For a discussion of the name cf. One could indeed be forgiven for considering this encomium as a sort of ‘epideictic’ rhetoric, though this would of course have been against the spirit of Christian modesty.