estampagem profunda f— processo de corte e de estampagem para se obter uma [ ] dobra a fria avançada, estampagem fria, e tecnologias de [ ] controlo . 3 out. DE FALHAS DE CHAPAS FABRICADAS PELO PROCESSO DE TAILOR WELDED BLANK SUBMETIDAS A ESTAMPAGEM PROFUNDA }. Critério de Plasticidade de Ferron Estiramento Biaxial Estampagem Profunda Efeitos TRIP Retorno Elástico Ferron et al., Int. Journal of Plasticity 10,

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The diameter of the tube expanded part is reduced, by inserting the expanded part into a reduced-diameter working hole whose inner diameter is smaller than the outer diameter of the expanded part after making the receiving part 27 to receive the sealing member The results were compared to the ones obtained for an extra-low carbon steel grade used to make deep drawn soft drink cans. The spring set driving mechanisms 42, 27y operate the spring set 44 at least during the period from the start of the withdrawal of the driven cam 30 to the finish of the withdrawal of the trimming blade 40 from the workpiece after the finish of the bending and trimming of the workpiece.

Further, a receiving part 27 having steps is formed at a strike stop region of the tube expansion punch by inserting a tube expansion punch of a prescribed shape. There are straight side frame or a column type structures, for a column type presses they are mainly been used for forming process, The new generation straight side hydraulic press Main features of the press include lower noise In the case of drawing soft drink cans, the beneficial influence of texture is the increase in strength in the normal direction of the sheet.

Further, in each forming process, this metallic mold is constituted so that the difference in the level is arranged in the parting line between the die 1a and the die holder 1b, and the parting line between the punch 3a and the punch holder 3b.

Normal anisotropy rm and planar Dr coefficients have satisfactory values in agreement with the requirement for the same application. The casing blank has at least one bent-up portion. A tube expansion punch is struck and pressed to a protruding part 25 protruding from the inner-wall surface of the insertion hole The invented method uses the press forming tools such as the punch 10, die 20 and blank holder 30, of which the surface roughness is 7.

This new generation Numerical Servo control Hydraulic presses are basis of Industrial PC control and Servo Motor Driven technology, a much wider application of the presses The liquid is fed into spaces between the metal sheet and the blank holder 30, between the metal sheet and the punch 10, and between the metal sheet and the die This test relates the deep drawability degree to the sheet thickness.


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YH Ton force hydraulic press is the new generation interior trimming hydraulic press specially designed as per the European customer’s requirement. Then, one or more freely rotatably mounted rotary male dies 20 are moved vertically with respect to the pipe material 1 to bring the outer circumferential end of the rolling rotary male dies 20 into contact with the pipe material 1, at the circumferential end deviated from the center of the pipe material 1, vertically with respect to the direction opposite to the recesses 11 of the mandrel 10, and the circumferential end 3 of the pipe material 1 is crushed into the recesses 11 to form the groove 5.

Abreu, Hamilton Ferreira Gomes de. Bastos, Alexandre Lundgren Published: To provide a forming die with which forming work is carried out by simple constitution by imparting the pressing force of a part of an elastic punch to a holder for holding and pressing a work to a female die when carrying profunfa the forming work of the work along the recessed part of the female die by pressing and pressurizing the work with the elastic punch made of the elastic body.

The method for manufacturing the electronic casing includes following steps. To provide a metallic mold for press-forming with which both of a draw-forming process and a bend-forming process in the press-forming can be used in one apparatus and a method for producing a panel using the pressing apparatus provided with the metallic mold for this press-forming.

Silveira, Claudeir Carvalho Published: Data pub ordem inversa.

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Texture was determined using orientation distribution functions calculated from 3 x-ray estamapgem figures. The deep drawability degree was measured by the modified Erichsen test for deep drawability. The Seaial YH27 hydraulic stamping presses are furnisned with hydraulic drawing cushion At this time, the upper and lower split dies 11, 12 composing an outer die 1 are in an opened state.

To suppress the scatter of the quality of a bending operation, profund further to prevent the turning-up of a workpiece when a trimming blade is drawn out.

The press is mainly used in thermal power generation equipment industry such as steam turbine vaneswind power First, a pipe material is fitted on a mandrel 30 to carry out the drawing and caulking of the pipe material. Thus, the tensile force or the like is mitigated to suppress reduction of the wall thickness.


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Lubricating oil is applied to an outer circumferential surface of the pipe P so that the pipe P slides with respect to the bending die 17 and the holding die 18 during the bending operation.

To provide a bending method and a bending device capable of controlling the reduction of the wall thickness of a pipe and the buckling of the pipe when bending the pipe estam;agem applying any lubricating oil to an inner surface of the pipe.

Comparing with the traditional valve control system, this digital pump Thereby, a tube expanded part where the outer diameter of the insertion hole 21 in which the tube expansion punch is inserted is formed.

Instituto Europeu de Patentes. Conectar-se Crie uma conta. By the diameter-reducing, the outer circumferential edge part of the sealing member 30 bites into the inner wall surface of the insertion hole Rotary bolster can move leftwards and rightwards as well as rotary movement. In this forming die, when the forming work of a planar work 4 is carried out with the female die provided with the recessed part 33b having a desired shape and a male die corresponding to the female die and when the part to be worked of the work 4 is deformed along the shape of the recessed part 33b of the female die by providing the elastic punch 39 inside a cylindrical holder 37 provided on the male die, relatively compressing the elastic punch 39 by pressurization with a pressuring member 41, and projecting part of the elastic punch 39 from the holder 37, the holder 37 is pressed against the work 4 by the part of the elastic punch 39 and the forming work of the work 4 is carried out in the state where the work 4 is held and pressed between the male die and the holder This is due to the occurrence of texture, i.

This is a method for forming a groove 5 in a pipe material 1. To provide a forming apparatus which can uniformly fasten a plurality of split dies by a single driving source. In the hollow part 2 of the pipe material 1, there is inserted a mandrel 10 having, on the circumference 3, one or more recesses 11 to be the female die for the groove 5, the pipe material and the mandrel are fixed.