Pyramid and Ponzi schemes share many characteristics used to defraud investors by accepting capital that will be used for their own gain, not. Read the latest news on Ponzi Scheme to learn more about the most recent events, cases and point of view with our Ponzi Scheme news section. Ponzi scheme, fraudulent and illegal investment operation that promises quick, easy, and significant returns on investments with little or no risk.

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Ponzi schemefraudulent and illegal investment operation that promises quick, easy, and significant returns on investments with ponzzi or no risk. The second group, in turn, is paid with funds obtained from a third group of investors, and so on until the number of potential investors is exhausted and the scheme collapses.

The operator may either appropriate a portion of incoming investments ponzk the scheme progresses or wait until the operation is about to collapse before absconding with the funds.

Although historians believe variations of the Ponzi scheme existed as early as the 17th century, the scheme was named for Carlo Ponzi, an Italian immigrant to the United States who scammed thousands of New England residents ce of millions of dollars in —20 with his plan to sell European postage stamps. Ponzi initially acquired a small group of investors with the promise of doubling their investments within 90 days. Ponzi was arrested in and charged with multiple counts of fraud and larceny and sentenced to prison.


Ponzi was by no means the last to effect the scheme. In March he pleaded guilty to 11 charges of fraud and money laundering, and in June he was sentenced to years in prison.

Ponzi scheme

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Nov 21, See Article History. Nolen Learn More in these related Britannica articles: Fraudin law, the deliberate misrepresentation of fact for the purpose of depriving someone of a valuable possession.

Although fraud is sometimes a crime in itself, more often it is an element of crimes such as obtaining money by false pretense or by impersonation. European legal codes and their derivatives often…. Larcenyin criminal law, the trespassory taking and carrying away of personal goods from the possession of another with intent to steal. Larceny is one of the specific crimes included in the general category of theft.

Historically, the property subject to larceny in common law consisted of tangible personal goods. Investment, process of exchanging income during one period of time for an asset that is expected to produce earnings in future periods. Thus, consumption in the current period df foregone in order to obtain a greater return in the future. For an economy as a whole to invest, total production must…. Help us improve this article!


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