Many think ‘anarchy’ means confusion, disorder, and chaos, but Maletesta sets the record staight. Errico Malatesta was a warm-hearted anarchist of widespread . Errico Malatesta was an Italian anarchist and writer (), who lived much of his life in exile and was expelled or forced to flee from many of the countries. “Towards Anarchism” by Errico Malatesta () first appeared in English in the Depression era periodical MAN! This little essay was highly regarded by.

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He begins by first explaining that anarchy isn’t erricp confusion as is generally thought but more accurately put, it means ‘without government’. Those who say therefore that the anarchists have badly chosen their name because it is wrongly interpreted by the masses and lends itself to wrong anarcby, are mistaken. As previously pointed out, these different types of domination are related, mutually influencing and supporting each other, supporting the system of domination in question through the interdependence of their spheres.

Errico Malatesta – Wikipedia

Sobre les eleccions del 21D. The first of a long series of arrests came at age fourteen, when he was apprehended for writing an “insolent and threatening” letter to Anarchhy Victor Emmanuel II. If it were to survive it would tend always to re-establish a privileged and oppressing class in one guise or another. Government does nothing, it mer This is a classic of the Anarchist literature and is written with the tone and method of a pamphlet but with a good balance of rhetoric and reasoning.

He secretly returned to Italy the following year. In primitive society, when the world was not so densely populated as now and social malatetsa were less complicated, if any circumstance errrico the formation of habits and customs of solidarity, or destroyed those which already existed and established the domination of man over man, the two powers, political and economic, were united in the same hands — often in those of a single individual.

Errico Malatesta

In a lot of cases, Malatesta argues a: That being so, when the interest of every one becomes the interest of each and it necessarily will become so as soon as private property is abolishedthen all will be active. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

And this way of conceiving of government is encouraged by the interested parties who are concerned that the principle of authority should be safeguarded and that it should always survive the shortcomings and the mistakes committed by those who follow one another in the exercise of power. And who will empty the privies? Excellent intro to anarchism and a good, quick refresher for those who forget! And all this without taking into account that experience has demonstrated the impossibility of devising an electoral machine where the successful candidates are at least the real representatives of the majority.


The excitement caused by some recent explosions and the admiration for the courage with which the bomb-throwers faced death, suffices to cause many anarchists to forget their program, and to enter on a path which is the most absolute negation of all anarchist ideas and sentiments. But let us even suppose that the government were not in any case a privileged class, and could survive without creating around itself a new privileged class, and remain the representative, the servant as it were, of the whole of society.

Malatesta was a committed revolutionary: Today the immense development of production, the growth of those requirements which can only be satisfied by the participation of large numbers of people in all countries, the means of communication, with travel becoming a commonplace, science, literature, businesses and even wars, all have drawn mankind into an ever tighter single body whose constituent parts, united among themselves, can only find fulfilment and freedom to develop through the wellbeing of the other constituent parts as well as of the whole.

In the same way, a man whose limbs had been bound from birth, but who had nevertheless found out how to hobble about, might attribute to the very bands that bound him his ability to move, while, on the contrary, they would diminish and paralyze the muscular energy of his limbs. Anarchists should have discussion groups in unions, as in factories, barracks and schools, but “anarchists should not want the unions to be anarchist. Malatesta wrote and edited a number of radical newspapers and was also a friend of Mikhail Bakunin.

It organizes and directs certain public services, such as the post, preservation of the public health, benevolent institutions, workhouses, etc. However, for the author these conflicts, which exist permanently in any society, are not always necessarily class conflicts. Malatesta was introduced to Mazzinian Republicanism while studying medicine at the University of Naples ; however, he was expelled from the university in for joining a demonstration.

And if instead, as do the authoritarians, one means government action when one talks of social action, then this is still the resultant of individual forces, but only of those individuals who form the government or who by reason of their position can influence the policy of the government.

And supposing all the inhabitants of Siberia should want to spend the winter in Nice?


View all 3 comments. French peasants have in fact little confidence in these wolf-catchers, and consider them more as wolf-preservers. From this we can see frrico, to arrive at Anarchism, material force is not the only thing to make a revolution; it is essential that the workers, grouped according to the various branches of production, place themselves in a position that will insure the proper functioning of their social life – without the aid or need of capitalists or governments.

Anarchism is the abolition of exploitation and oppression of man by man, that is, the abolition of private property and government; Anarchism is the destruction of misery, of superstitions, of hatred. But is the abolition of governments possible, desirable or foreseeable? It is for this reason that we want a violent revolution today; and we shall want it always – so long as man is subject to the imposition of things contrary to his natural desires.

And this power constitutes, in our opinion, the very principle of government and authority. To wish it means to want the destruction of society, for the whole of social life is no other than this unceasing mutual dependence of mlatesta and masses.

Men make society what it is, just like society makes men what they are. Mankind has suffered great harm as a result of this intrusion of domination and exploitation in the midst of human association. They concede or withhold free trade and many things else.

In malatwsta set out for a new home in London.

Towards Anarchy

It can be, and generally is, influenced by the hegemonic positions economic, political etc. The government, or as some call it, the justiciary State, as moderator in the social struggle and the impartial administrator of the public interest, is a lie — an illusion, an utopia never achieved and never to be realised.

Great classic book from one of the fathers of Italian Anarchism, still actual after more than years! It is always, in short, the question of putting an end to the domination and exploitation of man by man in such a way that all are interested in the common welfare, and that the individual force of each, instead of oppressing, combating, or suppressing others, will find the possibility of complete development, and everyone will seek to associate with others for the greater advantage of all.

He thought that, like all unions, “Syndicalism