Content strategy is the web’s hottest new thing. But where did it come from? Why does it matter? And what does the content renaissance mean for you? This brief. Erin Kissane is a content strategist and editor based in New York City and Portland, Oregon. She currently leads projects for content strategy. A note from the editors: We are delighted to present an excerpt of The Elements of Content Strategy by Erin Kissane (A Book Apart, ).

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I agree with srtategy split between content creators and content strategists in theory, but it’s hard for me to entirely see because of my lack of direct experience. It’s mostly about the kinds of people tha This book is not for people working in this field for more than a year or so.

The Elements of Content Strategy

Apr 10, Christine Esoldo rated it it was amazing. Apr 11, Timothy Meaney rated it really liked it. Luckily it is not a long book. But if you’re going to be a content strategist, you are going to walk away knowing what you need to go learn.

My Reading Notes on Elements of Content Strategy – The Art of Ass-Kicking

Mar 30, Corey Dutson rated it it was ok Shelves: Some areas like ongoing content assessment is all but completely skimmed over. Oct 24, Danny de Vries rated it liked it. More importantly for those unemployed college graduates, a content strategist requires the skills of liberal arts majors.


But it is an effective starting point for those who find themselves overwhelmed with organizing a large amount of content, especially for the first time or with a fast turnaround. This book is not for people working in this field for more than a year or so.

How does a content strategist deal with lousy content, always knowing that he or she could do a better job creating it him or herself?

Much of the writing’s just not well thought out: It’s a tiny 88 pages long. Curators conjure a vision of uptight tour guides in museums and overly informed janitors dusting ancient relics.

She then traces the origins of content strategy, explaining that content strategy derives from four different roles: You have a multi-tasking, distracted, ready-to-leave-your-site-at-any-time audience who has very specific goals in mind. No kissing ass here, and no hyperbole: Be the first to ask a question about The Elements of Content Strategy.

It would be nice to one day actually work with a real content strategist, rather than just parts and pieces of them infused in different people. I happen to work in a small shop where I wear many hats and was a bit disappointed that Erin focused mainly on content strategists who work with a wide range of other team members.

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A good way to deal with this is to have experts review the content after it is written by others. It really takes a long time to produce content. Kissane shows you what content strategy is all about and why you should care about it.


Hire copywriters for that and a content strategist to keep your content in order. It does it exactly errin it says: On the plus side the author outlines some great ideas for managing web content and it can be read kjssane a couple of hours. I must say though, that I don’t recommend reading it like I did, a couple pages at a time as Strateby could find a minute here and there.

Originally published at http: I’ve g This is a must-read for anyone who works in, on, or around the web.

Book Review: Elements of Content Strategy, by Erin Kissane | I’d Rather Be Writing

It’s a well-written, easy-to-follow handbook that should occupy a space on the shelf of every person who manages content. Mar 23, Loren rated it liked it Shelves: You can read an excerpt at A Cotent Apart magazine, or buy it direct from the publisher in a beautiful paperback edition, as a set of DRM-free ebook files, or both.

May 05, Daniel Aguilar rated it really liked it Shelves: This was clearly the most entertaining and novel section of the book.