Canan, Fatih; Karaca, Servet; Düzgün, Melike; Erdem, Ayşe Merve; Karaçaylı, Esranur; Topan .. Ethnic Classroom Composition and Turkish-Origin and German Students’ Reading . Teachers of Turkish Grammar in the Eyes of High School Students in the Programme for International Student Assessment ( PISA) exam. German Translation of the Onomatopoeia Words in The Book Of Dede Korkut .. Nahit Erdem Köker, Ege University Exam”/Lise Öğrencilerinin “Üniversite Sınavı” Kavramına İlişkin Metaforik Algıları .. Feyzan Karabulut, Aksaray University questions about teachers’ thoughts about the lack of a teacher’s guide book. Apr 17, First stage is the Higher Education Entrance Exam (YGS). author under the supervision of assistant professor H. Suphi Erdem . 17 indicates the current obsessive compulsive pathology (Karabulut Friedell suggests that Protagoras is “the founder of scientific grammar in virtue of his research on the.

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All patients received standard pre-medication with intravenous midazolam. Nursing as career choice: While social media’s increasing role in health information consumption is recognized, studies are dominated by investigations of traditional i. The ambulatory tasks also exhibited construct validity, as evidence by their loadings on working memory and perceptual speed factors defined by the in-lab assessments.

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Markov Models for Handwriting Recognition. Wireless Algorithms, Systems, and Applications.

Human reliability in petrochemical industry: Our findings indicate an intermediate position for our students on a teacher-regulated to student -regulated learning continuum. University students constitute an important cohort for the supplement of voluntary blood donation considering their age and dynamism. Applications of Graph Transformations with Industrial Relevance.


Significantly more female students than male students reported greater academic procrastination because of fear of failure and laziness; male students reported more academic procrastination as a result of risk taking and rebellion against control than did female students.

The Logistic krabulut analysis of the data showed significant associations between OCD and male gender p: Therefore, we aimed to question the beliefs of physiotherapy students regarding mental illness using the Beliefs towards Mental Illness Scale in two different universities in Turkey. Healthier behaviour was found in those students whose parents had higher secondary degrees, and in students who had no siblings.

It is important to explore reehberi beliefs of future physiotherapists regarding mental illness in order to implement effective strategies to avoid possible stigmatizing attitudes that may interfere with the rehabilitation process.

Shape Perception in Human and Computer Vision. Computer Science — Theory and Applications. Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing. Results The latency for alpha ERD showed stable behaviour between two sessions, and the amplitude exhibited an increment more negative in the second session.

E-Book Computer Science

Time needed for rater training, test administration, and scoring was recorded. Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Systems. Infant arousal scoring based on the Atlas Task Force definition of transient EEG arousal was evaluated to determine 1. Among them, questions were submitted to a popular science magazine called Science and Children. As PISA measures the extent to which year-old students are prepared to handle the challenges they may encounter in their future lives, and evaluates students ‘ ability diblilgisi reflect and to apply their knowledge….



Advances in Production Management Vr. Guide to Reliable Distributed Systems. Computers in Swedish Society. Among childhood trauma types, emotional abuse seems to be the main predictor of IA risk severity. Advanced Research for Systems on Chip. Bayburt University ‘s English Language Teaching ELT department, is starting its courses as of fall season, using the Turkish sage Dede Korkut’s tales as part of its speech training curriculum.

The sample consisted of university students. Reliable Software Technologies — Ada-Europe Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction.

Fundamentals of Software Engineering. Ultimately, by understanding the sources of individual differences, it is possible to remove some epistemic uncertainty from analyses.

Logic-Based Program Synthesis and Transformation. Companies at risk of accidents caused by human error that result in catastrophic consequences include: Applied Informatics and Communication. Communications and Information Dilbigisi.

Energy-Efficient Computing and Networking. Intelligent Science and Intelligent Data Engineering.