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EP93XX. ARM. ®. 9 Embedded Processor Family. EP93xx. User’s Guide 8×8 Key Mtx. ARMT. Maverick. 18 Bit Raster. LCD I/F. Crunch. Notes on making a proper EABI cross compiler for Maverick Crunch (EP, EP93xx) processors. This is a bit of “higher order hacking” and. It’s already configured to build in /opt/toolchains/ directory. This work is based on patches by Martin Guy and tested both on Cirrus demo board for the EP

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Forwarding channels the results of arithmetic operations back to the input of the logic unit as well as to the destination registers so that, when the result of one instruction is used in another soon after, execution is faster.

An instruction appears in the coprocessor pipeline, but does not execute for one of the following reasons: Presumably, cfstr64 does the same. A test program tickles the bug in both ways on revision E1 silicon.

Software and Tools Software and Design Resources available by request. Unfortunately mavegick never maveeick well enough for it to be usable. Buggy cfadd – cfaddne – cfstr Buggy cfadd – nop – cfaddne mavreick cfstr Buggy cfadd – cfaddne – nop – cfstr OK cfadd – nop – nop – cfaddne – cfstr Buggy cfadd – nop – cfaddne – nop – cfstr Buggy cfadd – cfaddne – nop – nop – cfstr OK cfadd – nop – nop – nop – cfaddne – cfstr OK cfadd – nop – nop – cfaddne – nop – cfstr OK cfadd – nop – cfaddne – nop – nop – cfstr OK cfadd – cfaddne – nop – nop – nop – cfstr Buggy cfadd – cfaddne – cfaddne – cfstr Buggy cfadd – cfaddne – cfaddne – nop – cfstr OK cfadd – cfaddne – cfaddne – nop – nop – cfstr OK cfadd – nop – cfaddne – cfaddne – cfstr OK cfadd – nop – cfaddne – cfaddne – nop – cfstr OK cfadd – nop – cfaddne – cfaddne – nop – nop – cfstr The second instruction may also not be executed because it follows a branch: The second instruction is not a coprocessor data path instruction.


The 16 KB instruction cache and 16 KB data cache provide zero-cycle latency to the current program and data, or they can be locked to guarantee no-latency access to critical instructions and data.

crosstool-ng for the Maverick Crunch processors

The above patch incorrectly calls the iWMMXt pop functions. When the operand is positive zero, cfnegs and cfnegd write positive zero to the destination register, while the result should be negative zero.

Evaluation Board Electrical Schematics. Designers of industrial controls, internet radios, digital media servers, audio jukeboxes, thin clients, set-top boxes, point-of-sale terminals, biometric security systems and GPS devices will benefit from the EP’s integrated architecture and advanced features. The sign is unaffected. A two-port USB 2. Single-precision floats live in the top 32 bits of the register and, when they are written, the lower 32 bits are zeroed.

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High-Performance, Networked, ARM9, System-on-Chip Processor

This article is an orphanas no other articles link to mqverick. Audio Clock Generation and Jitter Reduction. Deselects saturating arithmetic for integer operations and selects the usual C-like overflowing.

Disable interrupts when executing cfldr32 e;9302 cfmv64lr instructions. Execute a third instruction at least one of whose operands is the target of the previous two instructions. The Cirrus crunch softfloat library has integer asm code to check for denorm values before these operations e. It is, if and only if both: Here is how to build a futaris-patched maveriick, a summary of their merits, and some benchmarks. GCC does not use the accumulator instructions. The instructions shift by an unpredictable amount, but cause no ep93302 side effects.

For an instruction to be serialized, at least one of the following must be true: When an ARM register is loaded from memory maverici a double-word cirrus register is immediately stored indirected through the same ARM register, memory is corrupted.

Given that any resulting denormalised numbers will probably be truncated to zero by the math ops in bug 12a, there may be not be much point in doing this. Solutions Voice Playback Record Control. The modifications are published as a megabyte tarball from which a single monolithic patch can be derived by diffing it against the mainline source releases.

Cirrus Logic’s embedded processor products are complemented by a range of complete operating systems.


In three places it is used as the first of a two-instruction sequence: Instruction set It provides instructions to add, subtract, multiply, compare, negate and give absolute value for all these types, to shift the registers in the two integer modes, and to convert between the data types. It has a -mfix-cirrus-invalid-insns flag, which is supposed to ensure that the two instructions following a branch are not Cirrus one but fails to do so, and that every cfldrdcfldr64cfstrdcfstr64 is followed by one non-Cirrus instruction, which should fix bugs 1 and 2.

The following is from the EP rev E2 errata: Instruction format MaverickCrunch instructions are bit words that are interleaved with the regular ARM instrution stream. When the error occurs, the result is either coprocessor register or memory corruption.

Code to enable forwarding under Linux with Maverick support enabled in the kernel, the effect is limited to the process that does this: The revision of a chip is printed as the 5th and 6th characters of the second line of text on the chip housing.

The MaverickCrunch is a floating point math coprocessor core intended for digital eep9302. Retrieved from ” https: It fails its condition code check. It has its own instruction set which performs floating point addition, subtraction, multiplication, negation, absolute value, and comparisons as well as addition, multiplication and bit shifts on integers.

It performs these in ARM registers as usual. GCC does not emit conditional Maverick instructions. An instruction may be nonexecuted because it is conditional and the condition is false, e.

EP | Cirrus Logic

In the case of a load, only the lower 32 bits the first word will be loaded into the target register. General carrier board design guidelines. Evaluation Board Electrical Schematics General carrier board design guidelines Zefeer specific integration guidelines.

Registers It has 16 bit registers, which can be treated as single- or double-precision floating point values, or as or bit integers. Migrating to Zefeer Embedded Linux Kit 1. The ARMT core operates from a 1. Hardware bugs See cirrus.