Protected: Cervantes: Entremeses (El juez de los divorcios, El viejo celoso, Los habladores). This content is password protected. To view it please enter your. interlude, W. Rozenblat poses the question, «¿Por qué escribió Cer- vantes el Entremés del juez de los divorcios!» and answers it by at- tempting to reconstruct . Enrique Abad. Updated 18 April Transcript. Referencias: . (). Entremes: el juez de los divorcios. Encontrado en.

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El Juez de los Divorcios by Enrique Abad on Prezi

The first couple to appear before the judge is an old man and his wife Mariana. She complains that he is too old to satisfy her any longer, and the old man is sick of her constant moaning. The judge rules that she cannot divorce her husband simply for being old; they must work it out.


Marital strife has been the subject kuez popular comedy since the bawdy plays of Aristophanes and Old Comedy. Cervantes struggled with financial matters and was also a soldier, as is one of divorcils characters in this play.

For links between the life of Cervantes and this play, see Rozenblat and the introduction by Sevilla Arroyo and Rey Hazas to their edition of the Entremeses. However the idea of a divorce judge is pure fantasy in the period, and would not have related to a real courtroom entrejes as it might today. The play reiterates that once marriages are established they become a yoke, an incarceration, a prison; but as there is no way out of the covenant, it is best to dance and sing and make the best of the situation Sevilla Arroyo and Rivorcios Hazas, in Cervantes In Entremesesed.

In Entremeseseds. Sentido y forma del teatro de Cervantes.

Madrid, Gredos in Spanish. In The Cambridge Companion to Cervantesed. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.


Spadaccini, Nicholas with Talens, Jenaro. Through the Shattering Glass: Cervantes and the Self-Made World. Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Press.

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Entremés | Madera Gabriela Allan

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