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English, August: An Indian Story (New York Review Books Classics) [Upamanyu Chatterjee, Akhil Sharma] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. It was the blurb on the back of this book that initially attracted me. The synopsis likens this Indian novel to a synthesis of John Kennedy Toole’s. A review, and links to other information about and reviews of English, August by Upamanyu Chatterjee.

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Chatterjee presents this very sympathetically; the Weltschmerz is not annoying, and Agastya fortunately does not take himself too seriously. The writing is sharp and the description of the rural landscapes to the point.

English, August is nothing short of a modern classic, and I will definitely come back to it again and again for the sheer dark enjoyment it brought me. English, August is a comic masterpiece from contemporary India. Wittgenstein, wasn’t it, who said that India lives in its villages? Moreover, August is surrounded by wild characters: A very very simple premise about that one year the protagonist spends in a remote place in rural India, and how his mind works.

Thirty years of Upamanyu Chatterjee’s ‘English, August’: Does the novel still hold up in ?

He also seems to keep the beauty at arm’s length by using vulgar words. The novel is helmed by a cast of eclectic characters: English, August became the first Indian independent film to break the stranglehold of mainstream Indian Bollywood cinema when it was acquired by 20th Century Fox and became a theatrical success in the country.

His friends think so too that he will be screwed having to adjust with the rural life after having an Anglicised upbringing. And through the prism of this rambling town, Upamanyu paints a composite picture of an Snglish where surprisingly little has changed over the years. But the wry humour packed in this novel could just deliver them the catharsis they need in their lives because we know a lot is riding on their shoulders.


What does it mean? Upamanyu relates this flotsam of topics to his protagonist’s inner world beautifully, and never once does he commit the error of making the making the disillusioned Agastya take a side. But there are so many of them, I don’t know how to pick.

Now I know someone like this personally and the person lives life each day at a time and never worries about his career at any point.

The oft satirical, postmodern novel never loses its wisdom once, in all its briskness. It was the blurb on the back of this book that initially attracted me. A slap stick comedy with a rude, weird and twisted sense of humor! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

English, August: An Indian Story

May be the chatterkee who don’t do the initial homework before taking up a job which they have to live in. Ahmed leaned forward for each question, neck tensed and head angled with politeness. It might make them empathise or strongly degree with the portrayal of the character and circumstances.

And who has ever conquered that?

English, August (film) – Wikipedia

I truly appreciated the humorous story of a young Bengali man who, after enlisting in the Indian Administrative Service, finds his life directed to a small depressing dusty town km from nowhere. Agastya August is an Indian Administrative Service officer in training, who has left the bustling energy of Calcutta for a forlorn existence in Madna, buffeted from one official to the next and trying to conserve some sense of self.

In a sometimes horrifying episode near the end of the book, Agastya Sen learns that he will be posted to a tribal area and have responsibility for its development. Published by New York Review of Books first published No, this book is not my cup of tea and never will be. It was rude and the lead was just an ordinary guy. Jul 12, Sandhya rated it really liked it.

Apr 17, Annette mathews added it Shelves: But this is Chatterjee. Culture shock and a language barrier in his own country follows August’s mother tongue is Bengali. The original soundtrack for the film is composed by D. Maybe a second reading will throw some light on that.


Its one of the few Indian novels that I have read that touched upon existentialism, although it does come across as the ramblings o Well, this book was everything I didn’t expect it to be.

The ending, with a superbly befitting quote from Marcus Aurelius, can be read many chatetrjee without losing the pleasure in doing so. This maturity is particularly appreciable – especially in my personal case – because of how englisj differs from the senility of Indian writers in Hindi Case in point is Amritlal Nagar’s “Karwat” which was written just three years before this book – and goes on and on about Swami Dayanand and arya Samaj and what not.

English, August is the story of young civil servant Agastya “August” Sen. The unrest in the society is clearly reflected in the author’s work.

Upamanyu Chatterjee is an Indian author and administrator, noted for his works set in the Indian Administrative Service. In a jeep, he would smile and argue with himself, you can do nothing about your mind or your future, not until the journey is over. The character appear real enough although the dialogues may sometimes appear to be unreal.

Chatterjee classifies himself as an Indian Writer in English here. The book is also surprisingly affecting when it describes August’s loneliness and disorientation. I wanted to engpish some of the funny excerpts from the novel. Agastya Sen, known to friends by the English name August, is a child of the Indian elite.